Pisces glass studio supplies

Pisces glass studio supplies

To raise funds to purchase stock to run workshops for adults with wellbeing issues and children with special needs.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been a glass fuser for a few years now and have run workshops in lots of different galleries and studios. One of the places that i taught glass fusing was at colleges around Berkshire for a government pilot scheme fir adults who had emotional and wellbeing problems.  All the students found the courses very theraputic and said that it helped their wellbeing so much and it was wonderful to see this and know that i had made a difference to their lives..

i have now got a permanent studio where i will be running regular workshops and would love to offer this workshop to adults and children  that feel it woukd help them    

To do that i need a regular supply of glass and new tools.  

In return  you will recieve a small glass gift or a workshop voucher to use at the studio