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To raise money for Latvian aggressive inline skating video Pirmā bezgalība. (First infinity.).

by Pirmā bezgalība. in Latvia


In the early 2000s my dear friend Oskars made Latvian aggressive inline skating video “6 gadi”. This exact video went on to become the catalyst of an entire Latvian aggressive inline culture. Aggressive inline became incredibly popular, fun and a spectacular sport with many Latvians rolling out on a regular basis. 

Fast forward 20 years … and Latvian (also worldwide) aggressive inline was slowly dying. So, what happened to it? Well, there are a few theories out there. Lack of money? It just became uncool? We have grown up? Too hard to master? Some other explanations are provided in the rollerblading documentary called Barely Dead: The Saga of Modern Rollerblading from 2008.

I believe that the time is ripe for an aggressive inline skating resurrection. I want to connect all existing Latvian skaters worldwide and make a video that would inspire you, your kids, your friends or even your grandparents to begin their inline journey or to come back to it. I want to build new bridges between different sport disciplines and activities and to show all of you that aggressive inline is a fun and entertaining sport with a strong sense of community and it can perfectly fit into today’s busy lifestyles. 

This bespoke video will be crowdfunded by you and will include Latvian skater profiles and their life stories along with other international skaters around the world. Left over money will be donated to the Latvian Skating Federation to fund aggressive inline initiatives in Latvia.

If you are a Latvian aggressive inline skater that wants to participate in this project, please get in touch via pirma.bezgaliba@gmail.com

Let's rock 'n' roll and keep bringing aggressive inline back to live, 

Dima (34yrs old aggressive inliner)


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Free Pirmā bezgalība. video

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Free Pirmā bezgalība. and ''6gadi'' videos

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Free Pirmā bezglība. & ''6 gadi'' videos, premiere

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2 free skating lessons plus everything else

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Let's make 'Pirmā bezgalība.' happen

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