Pip - A Sci-Fi Series

We are film Students from Oxford, UK. And we have written a Science Fiction series about a robot named Pip with artificial intelligence.

We did it!

On 11th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £600 with 29 supporters in 42 days

PIP – The First Conscious Robot. https://www.facebook.com/PipTheR0b0t/?fref=ts 

Pip is a story about a genius engineer who creates artificial intelligence out of scrap pieces of tech.

The story follows Simon, a young inventor, who has spent years working on the first fully functional android with a conscious mind. Although most of his attempts so far have led to disaster, Simon pushes on in hopes that his years of research pay off. Exhausted and overworked, Simon has one more attempt at uploading the software and successfully manages to wake up Pip.

Pip is not only an intelligent and fast learning robot; he is also powerful and extremely fast. When Pip is introduced to the modern world he is so fascinated by human beings that all he wants to do is interact and play games just like a human. Simon shows him music and video games, and it doesn’t take long for Pip to become obsessed with the idea of being human. Although Simon tries to explain that it is impossible, Pip will stop at nothing to become one with the human race.

Jason Farries and Lawrence O’Brien are the team behind Pip. Jason Farries is a professional actor who has had experience on a number of different feature films, stage productions and independent shorts. Last year Jason produced his first short film Bicycles Cigarettes and Paper Planes. Lawrence O'Brien worked alongside Jason on the project as DOP and is the creative mind behind this exciting new Sci-Fi story. 

The plan is to create the first two episodes of Pip in order to test the concept with Science Fiction fans, and then after these pilot episodes, develop Pip into a fully produced series.

We are currently trying to raise £1,000 to use as our production budget for Pip. You can see a brief breakdown of our finances and what we intend to use the budget on below.

We have already started Pre-Production, and have created concept designs of what we want Pip to look like. Our influences have come from classic Sci-Fi productions such as Star Wars, Doctor Who and Bicentennial Man. Each of these series included practical effects to achieve their characters look; therefore Pip will be brought to life using costume and make up effects, making the character more realistic and bringing homage to the classic Sci-fi genre.  


Character Profiles

Pip: Pip is a curious Robot created by Simon, he is a fast learner with incredible abillities such as robotic strength, hyper fast reflexes and an abillity to learn and retain information in seconds. Pip quickly falls in love with everything humanity has to offer and wants nothing more than to be part of the Human Experience. 

Simon: Simon is a young inventor. A genius and a forward thinker. Simon creates Pip as a companion and a friend to keep him company, play video games and help Simon out. But Simon is hiding something from Pip, a dark secret that Pip can't ever know!!


We want to make this an amazing series that will grow and become really succesful, so please help us and donate what you can. You can donate as little as a pound, which is less than a cup of coffee. Then share with all of your friends and spread the word about our upcoming series. Thank you

and here we have some mood board examples created by Lawrence as examples of the style and mood we want to achieve in this project.

and an example of the location we'd like to shoot in.


Our location and paying our actors is what is eating into our budget the most. so we really need your help. Please keep pledging and spread the word. 

We are taking this to Netflix baby! it's gonn be HUGE.

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