Pink mango in support of Mind

Pink mango in support of Mind

We are raising funds to pay for festival rents that we have been accepted to take part in. A % of the profits help fund the charity mind

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Starting Pink Mango Last year and having a successful 6 weeks of trading we have managed to expand and have been accepted into atleast one festival a week from May until the end of September. 

After 6 months of solid research we have managed to successfully produce the art of body marbling. This is where you dip a body part into a tank and are left with a one of a kind temporary tattoo. 

This year we have managed to get accepted into many of the biggest festivals in the U.K. This includes Reading, Virgin Festival, Womad, Boardmasters and many more along the way. 

We have also decided to giveback to a charity and have teamed up with Mind! (Mental health charity)

Our decision to try crowdfunding is simply to help towards  the festival rents so we can get to these places and turn thousands of you into walking pieces of art. With the wishful success of Pink Mango we have agreed to donate a percentage of our profits aswell as raising awareness towards the great work they do at mind!