A revolutionary new radio drama for the BME community to highlight the issues of Domestic Violence, Forced Marriages, Blood Donations et al

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A revolutionary new radio drama for the BME community to highlight the issues of Domestic Violence, Forced Marriages, Blood Donations, Rape, HIV and other taboo subjects within the community. The drama will be a focus point to educate and involve the community and allow such topics to expressed and discussed in the open.

Awaaz means Voice and this project is about the voice of those who are otherwise lonely, depressed or reluctant to speak out. The Awaaz Project serves the Asian population of Southampton and aims to improve their lifestyle. The service will help to educate and enhance the lives of people in the catchment area.

We are continually striving to make programs for the different minority ethnic groups in a way that we can support them and help in their understanding of the community and environment around them. We would like to make a community based radio drama for the local BME population that will work towards better support. The radio drama will include genuine issues that are affecting everyday lives of the BME community in the local vicinity. The drama will include topics such as forced marriages, Domestic violence, education and welfare. The activity will involve the local community to participate and develop a better understanding of tackling abusive behaviour. The idea is based on strong storylines as included in TV soaps such as Eastenders and Coronation Street. We would like to support work which is culturally sensitive, while ensuring that it improves the safety of women and children and reducing domestic violence as our main focus. Our aim is to promote increased safety for adults and children in the community. Women with problematic substance use who experience domestic violence deserve and need support from domestic violence services as much as, or more than, any other woman.

By the end of the project, it is hoped that up to 500 people from Ethnic Minority background will have access to vital Support services. There will be an increased awareness of women's issues and rights including responsibilities of their partners. By the end of the project it is hoped that more people will tackle barrier isolation. Local support agencies who provide services to the BME group will be better informed about the issues and difficulties facing the ethnic minority community. Presently there is no project of this kind in Southampton that promotes tolerance and educates the vulnerable in the community. The project will highlight and tackle taboo subjects often ignored or unspoken within the community. The project is mobile i.e. it is transferable and can be used in other areas of high domestic violence rates etc.

Presently there is no project of this kind in Southampton. Our methods of working are a mixture of community development techniques combined with arts based activity. Creative activity is used as a tool for the encouragement of self expression, thereby enabling communities and individuals to develop and move forward whilst acquiring a range of skills, and raising self esteem and self confidence.