Pimp$ouls 1st UK tour

Dad and son street performers Pimp$ouls, with your help, will take much needed participatory fun and laughter to all corners of the UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My son and I are street performers. Our act is called Pimp$ouls. Behind the scenes my two daughters organise the day to day runnings of bookings for workshops and performances.

With your help we will conduct a 100 day tour of our new shows and workshops to the most deprived rural and urban areas of the UK.  The audiences we most wish to reach are those who are most isolated be it geographically i.e. Ullapool, Egg Island, Anglesey or Devon or societally i.e. not had much luck/ support from their family.

We share with participants the creativity and productivity of improvisation and spontaneity. Our workshops are specifically designed to move each participant to the next skill level. Then in the evening as a newly formed cast perform our improvised show to their community. 

Your money will subsidise  the fee to the participant and audience so that no one is excluded from the experience. Also the conversion of our old school bus into a campervan so we may reach inaccesible areas more readily and eliminate accomodation costs.

The 100 tour dates will be between mid-May to mid-September 2017. We are, however, looking to submit an application to the Arts Council by the 5th November 2016. With a view to be partially-funded by the Arts Council, a condition of that funding is that £10,000 must be raised by the project in order to draw down the grant. So we need the funds a couple of days before the 5th November so we may update our figures - before submission.

As the dad of this duo I have been dancing this style since I was 11 years old. I am so lucky to have the support of my children for my passion to perform. To be accepted by my children as having something to share, rather than just 'dad dancing' is rare I think! I just want this loving and working relationship with my children to last for as long as possible - what dad wouldn't! With their encouragement, your support and the opportunity to share with people from across the UK my dream can be kept alive. I believe this work brings much needed laughter, happiness and enjoyment to communitities. We want to share this joy and laughter with people from across the UK.

For believing in our project you will receive our eternal thanks and gratitude :)