Future Pilot (private pilot license)

Future Pilot (private pilot license)

I want to become a pilot. We don't have money to take 1 flying lesson. It costs about 200pnds per lesson. please help to get my PPL.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is kathan.

I amvery passionate, einthusiastic and hardworking 17 years old boy. I wanted to become a pilot since I was 3 years old.

I really want to achieve my private pilot license and get my career going. 

-->The situation is becoming worse and worst since I started my first flying lesson which was about 6 months ago. 

--> since I took my first flying lesson, I wanted to book another one the very next day but I/my parents didn't have any money to book it. since then, I have started to save some pennies and took another half flying lesson yesterday.

--> It costs about 200 pounds per hour. I have to take minimum of 40 hours. since then I don't eat anything outside, didn't buy any new clothes, don't attend any family parties and what not just to gether some pennies and take flying lessons. my flying instructor told me that if I continue to take one flying lesson evry six months, I will never be able to get my private pilot license.

--> I have one small brother. My mum doesn't work and just looks after my small brother.

--> My dad works in a parcel company and becaouse he lost his other job, he only earns about 460pounds per week; which is not enough for me, my little brother and my mum. out of those, we still have to manage the flying lesson cost, room rent and food rent

--> I also want to find a job but since my NI number application is refused, I can not apply for any good companies.

I have also applied for flying scholarships, but got denied since last two years

I think that with people's fund and help, I can achieve my dream.

I don't mind even if you donate a single pence. nevertheless, penny penny makes a pound.

Thanks for donating and having a look into my profile.

I wouldn't know how to thank people If I am atleast one step closer to my pilot career and achieve my private pilot license.