Pill popper

by Jason in Uplyme, England, United Kingdom

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My aim is to help people with limited hand movement to be able to access their own medication again

by Jason in Uplyme, England, United Kingdom

My brother-in-law suffers from MS, he can’t get his medication out of the blister packs and has to keep asking other people to do it for him. Six months ago he asked me if I could invent something to help him. I’ve been an engineer for 25 years now and was desperate to solve this problem for him and others in the same situation, the pill popper works with any size tablets and no matter what their condition, you can now access your medication  yourself.  We have a manufacturer in place ready to make the pill popper but I need help with the tooling cost, with your help we can give everyone that little bit of freedom back


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

1 x pill popper RRP £14,95

Get 1 pill popper RRP £14,95

£24 or more

2 x pill popper RRP £29,90

2 x pill popper RRP £29,90

£40 or more

4 x Pill Popper RRP £59,80

4 x Pill Popper RRP £59,80