by Caroline Sherwood in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

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A 10-day pilgrimage in Egypt in March 2020 which will take place over my 69th birthday, when we will be in the Temples of Isis and Hathor.

by Caroline Sherwood in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

"The definition of a pilgrimage is simply a journey to a sacred place as a demonstration of devotion." ('Mary Magdalene Revealed', Meggan Watterson)

This journey to Egypt goes way beyond a tourist trip or extra special holiday: for me it will be a Pilgrimage. My particular focus is to experience first hand the Atlantean origins of the great Egyptian tradition and how that fed into early Christianity, and continues to be available as a living reality and inspiration today.

The majority of my spiritual training (since 1973) has been broadly Buddhist in style and flavour, originating from Eastern hemisphere teachings. But I was born European and raised Roman Catholic, making me a natural heir to Western mystery lineages as well; landing in my childhood in the form of Christianity, but with deeper roots reaching back into Egypt and further, and forward into 16th Europe in the personage known as Le Comte de St Germain (aka the Master Rákocki).

I feel it is essential at this time that we unite the best of East and West within us as we move towards a new kind of global unity. It is important for me that I enliven the Egyptian connection, and weave it into my being. 

In September 2019 I met Stewart Pearce when he came to Cheltenham to teach and I recognised shortly afterwards that I need to visit Egypt in order to weave a ‘western thread’ of my spiritual lineage into my total tapestry. It was the act of selecting the card of the Angel Raziel (http://www.theangelsofatlantis.com/angels/) that initiated me into this journey. Stewart Pearce is a Master of Voice and author of The Angels of Atlantis. He will be our guide, along with Ashraf Amin.

What I learn and experience in Egypt will feed into my spiritual memoir 'Following a Thread of God', and enrich future workshops I plan to offer.

Here is the complete itinerary:

If 100 people donate £30 and 30 pence, I will reach my target! (Of course donations of more, or less are also very welcome).

In exchange, I offer you one of the following:

A place on an illustrated talk/workshop about my Egyptian journey


Something with which I can help you, to be discussed and arranged between us. 

SO - Please don't forget to let me know which you would like when you make your donation, and also (if applicable) your location, so that I can set up workshops in relevant places.


Grateful thanks to Jacqueline Redmond for  helping me to improve this appeal (https://www.yourstoryworks.co.uk/). 

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