Pigeon Sofi CHARITY 2021 CALENDAR sale

by PigeonSofi in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Pigeon Sofi CHARITY 2021 CALENDAR sale


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Due to the pandemic, animal rescues lack money to cover veterinary care of their animals. We aim to compensate it with a 2021 calendar sale!

by PigeonSofi in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Hello friends!

We’re running an instagram account @pigeonsofi. We show our life with our Eurasian Collared Dove son - Sofi. We found him barely alive in March 2020, hand reared and treated him, but he is not suitable for release, so we adopted him as our son :) Now Sofi lives his extra life full of kisses and sunflower seeds in our home :)


Sofi may be a small pigeon, but he has big dreams.

He would like people to think nicer of his wild friends - the city pigeons. With his photos and videos he wants to show everyone that pigeons are intelligent, lovable animals, that deserve love and respect.

Therefore, following a conversation with his humoms, Sofi decided to start a crowdfunder project. He is crowdfunding to cover his veterinary fees (50%) and those of the polish charity rescuing wild birds (50%). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have lost jobs, and many people’s situations are now economically very difficult, including ours. The pigeon rescue charity we aim to support has found itself receiving less donations than pre-pandemic, and they lack funds to cover veterinary care of their animals. And they rescue hundreds of them. 


Sofi had a tough start in life. We found him in Colchester, called all surrounding, nearby animal rescues. We were unfortunately told that the only thing that they can do is euthanize him, but will not treat him. We didn’t understand this narrative. So what - he’s a pigeon and doesn’t deserve to live? We took him to the vet on our own, and just the first visit cost us nearly £200, and we couldn’t afford rent that month. We had no clue how to care for him, as we’ve never had a bird before. We finally received a lot of helpful advice and pointers from a Polish pigeon rescue charity Gruszętnik. If it wasn’t for them, Sofi would have died a long time ago. 


Gruszętnik is helping wild birds from all of the country, often severely injured. Volunteers never say „it’s not worth it to save a pigeon”. They help as much as they can. But everything costs, and now, with the pandemic, there aren’t as many donations coming in. 50% of the proceeds will go to Gruszętnik, so they can help more wild birds (pigeons, but also swans, ducks and other feathery creatures) in 2021, and the other 50% will cover Sofi’s veterinary care. Moreover, you can also purchase a handmade felt brooch with an Eurasian Collared Dove, exactly like Sofi. The brooches are made by a lady who’s fundraising to cover chemotherapy of her 12 year old cat, Stefan. By purchasing a brooch, you are helping save her best friend AND birds :)





Example illustrations published online are compressed, lost lots of their quality and the colors are off - please trust that the product you will receive will be of highest quality :)

This crowdfunder operates on two basic rewards:

  • 2021 illustrated calendar sale - £10 + £7 international postage&packing (UK + Europe)
  • Handmade felt Sofi brooch sale - £10 + £7 international postage&packing (UK + Europe)
  • If you purchase the calendar and the brooch, you only pay for shipping once! :) There are also value sets with more than 1 calendar in them :)

The more calendars you buy, the cheaper it will be to print them in bulk. Therefore, please consider getting one for yourself and one for your friends or family. If we pay less for printing, a bigger portion of your donation will be used to pay for veterinary fees! All proceeds will be transparently accounted for and the final calculations will be made public for everyone to read. 

This crowdfunder is not for profit. It’s only a response to the terrible pandemic situation. 

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