Helping people in need to buy food and hot drink

by Pay it forward gift voucher scheme in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Helping people in need to buy food and hot drink


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Raising funds to print voucher booklets to help the homeless and other people in need. It's £35 for 4 books of 20 vouchers worth £5 each.

by Pay it forward gift voucher scheme in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

I created the gift vouchers after seeing a homeless man with a hot drink, wanting to buy him a drink but didn't want to give him money so he could buy one later.t  I didn't know what.  I approached the Black Cat Cafe as they would be the ones doing it.  They found Performance Ticket Printers (a small family run business in Cheshire) and came up with the voucher idea, after playing around with designs I came up with the present one.  I am partnered with Wintercomfort, Jimmys, The Cyrenians, Cambridge Housing Society and Romsey Mill, 

Ultimately I want to get other towns onboard.  Getting supporting organisations onboard is easy, finding shops and cafes isn't too difficult, but finding away of funding the printing of the vouchers is difficult, and this is the biggest step.  Please help me overcome this step so together we can help people in need to buy themselves groceries, food and non-alcoholic drink without having to worry about how they will pay for it.  

Brighton are in the process of finding funding to get their books printing.  I would like to remove that step for them and all towns to help them get the scheme going sooner by removing that step. but the first thing they need to do is get funding for the printing of the books.  Once they have that can get shops and cafes onboard to take the books and start selling the vouchers to customers who in turn pass the vouchers onto supporting organisations so people in need can redeem the vouchers and have something to eat. 

I have a bank account for the vouchers and a constitution.  I have a number of supporters and always happy to have more support.

Let's make 'Helping people in need to buy food and hot drink' happen

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