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piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow is looking to take its gourmet sandwichmongering to the next level with a new development kitchen

We did it!

On 20th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £1,945 with 32 supporters in 35 days

piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow has been around since 2008, with its aim of taking an overlooked staple and trying to make it king of lunchtime - raising the humble sandwich back to greatness. The ethos hasn’t changed and we source the best ingredients and produce the vast majority of ingredients from scratch, using local produce and suppliers where possible. The expansion has been organic with pieces popping up in areas where people need a good lunch and in areas of regeneration.  


But we have more plans!

The next stage is to create a development kitchen with the space to allow the team to expand the products we make in-house. We are going back to our roots to drastically expand what we can create and supply to our customers on a daily basis. We’ll be baking speciality breads made with alternative grains, experimenting with our piece [pee-ss]: patisserie range, and finally realising the plans to create and perfect the mythical ‘piece-strami’ pastrami.


We have also been focusing on increasing our use of sustainable produce and working closely with local suppliers and wholesalers. With extra space and resources we can begin to use more base ingredients, reducing the amount of composite ingredients on our menu and help us try and reduce our packaging and waste. We are a member of the Green Business Network and we want 2016 to be the start of the long road towards Piece becoming a greener, more sustainable zero waste company. It's a long term project but we have already started and we aren't stopping.

We have a creative team who want to get back to the original mad hatter days and are bursting at the seams with ideas…but so is our trusty wee kitchen in the Hidden lane. So we’re gonna need a bigger boat…




And that’s where you come in. We have secured a site and funds but we want to push further and make all the dreams a reality. But we also want to thank our loyal customers, both present and future, who have supported and come on the journey with us get to where we are today and who will help us get to where we are going.

Where your money will be used

  1. In our brand new development kitchen to help expand our product range and produce more awesome ingredients.
  2. A shiny new refrigerated van to get that awesome produce to our stores and to you our lovely customers.
  3. Employing new talented people to make this happen and push the boundaries of sandwichmongering. And providing the platform to help us become a living wage employer.

 We also love to reward our customers and backers with some awesome one-off piece style rewards. These are a thank you but we pledge to repay everyone by constantly developing, creating and making lunches more awesome.


Piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow x

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