Pie Or Kiss - Charitable Funding Platform

Pie Or Kiss - Charitable Funding Platform

Pie or Kiss has an aim to help charities by raising extra money through a fun and innovative platform and social media experience online.

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £2,010 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Using a bespoke website and social media, Pie Or Kiss will organize a nationwide online auction whereby one individual will message a friend through the Pie Or Kiss website and issue an invitation to allow the inviter to press a cream pie into the face of the invitee in return for a donation of a sum to charity. If the invitee accepts, this will be communicated to friends on social media along with the opening sum bid and an invitation to place a higher bid for the right to throw the pie.  If, however, for any reason, the target changes their mind and is not content for the pieing to continue, the target has the right to ‘kiss’ the successful bidder by paying ten percent of the highest bid. All pies will be delivered on the same day and social events can be organized around the pieing – in the workplace, in bars or in clubs.

Photographs of the event will be uploaded to social media and on the Pie of Kiss website. The money raised will be distributed among named charities. The Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) was a hugely successful social media phenomenon. But it failed to raise significant sums for charity because there was no mechanism to attract and enforce contributions. Many who said that they would make a contribution to charity did not do so. Pie Or Kiss aims to recreate the fun and excitement of the IBC while providing stronger infrastructure to maximize charitable contributions and ensure payment.

Pie Or Kiss has designed a website that will support the following process to enable the vision. Awareness of Pie Or Kiss will be raised through social media, inviting friends to join the auction and to pass on to their friends. Celebrities will be enlisted in support and their support will be publicised. The great thing about the platform that will be built is that it also allows charities to use it to create their own events surrounding Pie or Kiss so that they can then raise awareness using our social media platform also.

Pie Or Kiss website has already been developed, however it is purely a shell and we plan on developing this so that we have all of the features needed to store user information, profiles, social connectivity etc. You can view this website at http://ttol.co/pieorkiss should you wish to. We have already estimated costs for the development and have been quoted for £15,000 for the website development as well as £5,000 for legal fees so that we can draw up suitable clauses and disclaimers so that Pie Or Kiss can be safe in case of injury that arises from the pie-ing.

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