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Following the success of our ambitious national artwork crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support towards 1st Jan 2021.

by ZU-UK in London, England, United Kingdom

7 days to Leeds pilot

Dear supporters,

Last year, thanks to over 300 generous supporters, we successfully raised £15,000 to fund the creation of the pilot for Pick Me Up (and hold me tight).

As you know, despite working very hard in 2018 in partnership with MIND in Camden and collaborators, we were not able to carry out the pilot as intended due to a number of unforeseen issues.

However, we are delighted to be carrying out the pilot in pay-phones across Leeds this 1st January at 11am, to mark the most significant annual spike in suicides across the UK.

If you are not based in Leeds, you can still experience the project pilot from pay-phones anywhere in the UK, when you nominate a local pay-phone using this form before 29th December:


After the pilot, you will also be able to see the UK map where pay-phones have been answered and where dedications will be placed in 2020.

So, please join us for the pilot next week and help us test Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) as we develop it for its national launch on the 1st January 2021!


Instructions below.



At 11am on 1 January 2019, public pay-phones in Leeds will start to ring in unison. Leeds currently has one of the highest suicide rates across England and Wales.  ZU-UK directors will be in Leeds for the pilot, so please let us know if you are coming and would like to meet.

Before 29th December, you will need to submit the phone number for your chosen public pay-phone box here:


Anyone who picks up one of the ringing phones in the area will experience a nine-minute interactive audio work designed to encourage us to think about our ability to listen in a world which grows more noisy by the day.


We invite anyone living outside Leeds, but still in the UK, to nominate their local pay-phone in order to take part in the pilot.

You can do this by submitting the phone number here before 29th December for any public pay-phone:


With gratitude and love,


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