Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) by ZU-UK

by ZU-UK in London, England, United Kingdom



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Following the success of our ambitious national artwork crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support towards 1st Jan 2021.

by ZU-UK in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear supporters,
Last year, thanks to over 300 generous supporters, we successfully raised £15,000 to fund the creation of the pilot for Pick Me Up (and hold me tight).
As you know, despite working very hard in 2018 in partnership with MIND in Camden and collaborators, we were not able to carry…

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Join ZU-UK and MIND in Camden for the launch of


Date:      Wednesday, 19th December
Time:      3pm to 5pmLocation:  G.A.S. Station

At 11am on 1 January 2019, all the public pay-phones in Liverpool and St. Helens will start to ring in unison. St. Helens currently has…

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