We are building the world's first Pianodrome - a 100-seater, playable amphitheatre made entirely out of upcycled pianos.

We did it!

On 15th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £11,500 of £10,000 target with 209 supporters in 32 days

New stretch target

Reaching our stretch target will help us to pay the artists and makers who work on the Pianodrome for the excellent work they do. It will also mean we are less likely to have to take a loan out from the bank to make the project happen!

Help us bring this unique community project to life 

Run in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, the Pianodrome is a playable 100-seater amphitheatre built entirely from 50 disused pianos. It is at once an interactive sculpture, acoustic concert venue, workshop space, lecture theatre and playground. This radical re-imagining of what the piano is and can be in today's throw away culture turns instruments that have been condemned to the rubbish tip into something new and astonishing. 

No piano is junk and no person is 'unmusical'

The Pianodrome is a musical instrument and performance place for everyone regardless of age, gender, social status, race or ability. Every piano has its place in the structure. Every contributor and every visitor plays their part in the unfolding drama that is the life of the piece. 

We are saying 'Look what our society is throwing away. Look what, with a little imagination and care, and with a helping hand from generous friends around the world, we can achieve.' We hope to spark the imagination, releasing a cascade of creativity which will be both highly entertaining and good for the environment. Opening the Pianodrome for the first time in the Botanics forms a bond between natural and creative environments. The wood from the pianos comes full circle to a place where living trees continue to grow.

The Pianos

We currently have upwards of 65 pianos and counting. Most of them have been given to us by a professional piano mover who would otherwise have had to pay to have them burnt. We intercept these discarded beauties on their way to the dump and give them a fresh purpose and a new lease of life.

*Please note that we are currently do not have the capacity to accept individual gifts of retired pianos. However, if you live in Edinburgh and have a piano that needs a helping hand please do consider our offer of a piano makeover.

People make the Pianodrome

This project is the vision of Edinburgh-based artist Tim Vincent-Smith and producer Matthew Wright. We have formed the Pianodrome Community Interest Company to build not just the amphitheatre, but also the community that will bring it to life. Your support will enable us to develop a core team of passionate artists, makers, musicians, promoters and community workers. As this team grows our intention is to build an inclusive space which invites and instigates creativity and playfulness and is free for all to access.

Our campaign - The Key to Success

In recognition of your support we would like to offer you the opportunity to sign your name on one of over 2000 piano keys adorning the tops of the seating in the completed Pianodrome. We are also preparing some lovely gifts for contributors to the project including a digital download mixtape, Pianodrome Live event tickets, a limited edition Risograph print and even a fully functional pre-loved piano, to be delivered to any address in Scotland. If we reach our target these will be dispatched with our grateful thanks from mid April. 

From this campaign we are looking to raise £10 000 with a stretch target of £25 000. This money will help us pay for materials, transport, specialist advice, studio space, and people to plan, build and the project.  

World premier

The very first installation of this extraordinary architectural fantasy will take place on the Pyrus Lawn of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh  in August 2018. Nothing like this has been seen before at the Botanics or anywhere else.

In partnership with the RBGE events team, #Pianodrome will programme a series of acoustic music and dance events, community performances, art, science and nature talks, workshops, and artist ‘Resonancies’ throughout the festival season. The events will form the highlight of the Botanics' Summer 2018 arts programme. 

Once this first installation is complete we look forward to bringing the Pianodrome to parks and cities across the world. 

Please give generously

Your support is greatly appreciated and critical to the success of the project. All financial contributions large and small will be gratefully received. If alternatively you would like to gift your time and energy to building, staffing or performing, please send an email to us at info@pianodrome.org.  

The Pianodrome comes alive through the efforts of its contributors.

Who we are

Tim Vincent-Smith, the Creative Director, is an artist and musician who co-founded, designed and built the interior of Atlantis Books in Oia in Santorini, Greece - listed in National Geographic magazine's top 10 bookshops in the world and described as a “dream of a bookstore” by Vanity Fair last year.

Matthew Wright, the Producer, puts ideas into practice – from award-winning interactive exhibitions to thriving community workshops. During the last eight years, with the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Matt created a wide range of innovative and award-winning science engagement events with diverse teams throughout Edinburgh and internationally.

RGBE is Scotland's national botanic garden with an international remit to explore, explain and conserve the world of plants for a better future. 


£10 - £25  |  #Pianodrome mixtape

An exclusive compilation of music donated by generous friends and collaborators of #Pianodrome. You'll receive a link to  download all the tracks on the mixtape - a wee taster of some of the sounds you might hear in the completed Pianodrome this Summer. Includes tracks by Sink, Tinderbox Orkestra, Cera Impala, Kate Young & Raphael deCosta, Lanes, The Watch Thieves, Thin Hymns, Orkestra del Sol, Lost Architect, The Reverse Engineer, Exterior, Lizabet Russo, Tom deMayo, Balazs Hermann, Misha Dumnov.

£25 - £50  |  Tickets & prints

Pianodrome Live tickets   Brilliant multi-instrumental trio Sink are the creative force behind #Pianodrome. As part of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival we'll play host to a series of incredible Pianodrome Live events featuring special guests from across the cultural spectrum. Receive an advance ticket to a performance of our show in the Pianodrome in August 2018.

Limited Edition Risograph Print   You'll receive a limited edition #Pianodrome Risograph poster created in collaboration with graphic designer Will Brady. The Risograph process uses single colour inks layered on top of one another to produce uniquely beautiful prints. 

£50 - £200  |  The Key to Success

Sponsor and sign your own piano key - leave your mark on this incredible community artwork. You will receive a certificate identifying exactly which key you have sponsored so that you can come along when we're open, find it and sign it. Risograph prints, tickets and #Pianodrome mixtapes also offered.

£250 - £500  |  Piano sculptures

Piano string ball   One of five exceptional hand-made piano string sculptures created by Tim Vincent-Smith, the artist behind the project. 

120-key geode sculpture  One of three geodesic dome sculpture made from 120 piano keys taken from pianos used to build the Pianodrome.

£250 - £1500  |  Pianos and concerts

Your very own pre-loved Piano! We will arrange for the delivery of a fully playable piano to any address in Scotland. We are given so many pianos that occasionally a great one turns up which we don't have the heart to pull apart. We'd love to give one of these lovely old pianos a new home.

Piano makeover. We will visit your piano anywhere in Edinburgh and if it is within our power, fix it for you. Service includes consultation, tuning, parts and simple repairs.

Bespoke Sink concert. Pianodrome house band Sink will play a special concert anywhere in the UK for you. We'll work with you devise the perfect sonic intervention in your venue, ancient monument or living room.

£5000 +  |  Piano reincarnation

Turn your defunct heirloom piano into a bespoke sculptural installation. Pianodrome creator Tim Vincent-Smith will bring his tools to your piano and work with you to turn it into a functional and beautiful furniture piece of your choice. Photograph is a mezzanine bed created by the artist from two upright pianos.

We are very grateful for your support

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