Protective equipment for those who protect us.

by Tadahito Boyle in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Protective equipment for those who protect us.
We did it
On 4th June 2020 we successfully raised £85 ( + est. £5.00 Gift Aid ) with 3 supporters in 39 days

To ensure that NHS staff have sufficient PPE equipment that they are able to continue their heroic efforts to aid us in our time of need.

It is in such times as this, that it is shown, in stark relief, that those who are most important to keeping our society up and running even during a cataclismic event such as this, namely the NHS, lack even the most basic of tools to persist with their current heroic efforts to keep our rapidly floundering country afloat. The lack of PPE has hounded out heroic health workers since the very beginning of this pandemic, and will continue to haunt the efforts of NHS workers until such a time that the aforementioned PPE is available in sufficient quantity that they are able to pursue the goal of the eventual defeat of this virus without fear of catching the virus themselves.

In the Spanish Flu pandemic of the previous centiury we saw that health workers were especially vulnerable. In the numerous Flu drills over the intervening years, we saw that health workers were especially vulnerable. And here, now, in the midst of the Covid outbreak, we see that health workers are especially vulnerable. This is not only about the survival of a few unfortunate, this is about the survival of an entire profession - a profession that is of utmost importance to the country.

This is a problem that must be dealt with. And through this fundraiser, as through many others, it will be dealt with. As such I, an amateur pianist, am posting recording of Bach's 15 inventions, and similarly numbered sinfonias, on the youtube channel linked below. I apologise for long time gaps between inventions, and for the dicidedly sub-professional quality of the piano playing, but I am learning them as I go. You can either donate on a per piece basis, or simply donate as you feel like it. Either way, you will be supporting the heroic efforts of our frontline workers in this most horrific of times.

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