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Solving world hunger, saving the environment and empowering farmers and customers through low cost Hydroponics and Aquaculture

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 117 days


Phytoponics C.I.C. is established with a world spanning mission to:

End hunger: dramatically increase global agricultural productivity through technology

Save the environment: slash the impact that farming has on the environment through containment and land efficiency

Empower farmers and customers: reconnect farmers to customers directly in a collaborative economy to automate and optimise their business process to meet customer demands

We are a fresh new community interest company (C.I.C.) established in Cardiff, 2016. As a C.I.C. we invest the majoritiy of our profits in expansion (50%) and non-profit activities (30%) as enshrined in law - commiting us to our mission from the very beginning.

We specialise in innovative and cutting edge agricultural technology:

Hydroponics: growing plants in water 

Aeroponics: growing plants in a nutrient mist

Growlights: maximising plant photosynthesis with or without sunlight

Enclosures: structures that allow the growth environment to be controlled 

IoT automation: remote connected sensors and robotics to aid food production

Aquaponics: growing plant and water-creatures symbiotically together

Aquaculture: nourishing fresh and healthy aquatic produce

Phytoponics: harnessing the power of plants to work

We believe that by using these technologies we can make the world a better place through improving human food conditions and the environment together. We don't need to suffer needlessly any more, so we are launching a global agricultural revolution to iradicate agricultural pollution, food poverty, tasteless produce, insecticide & pesticide overuse, and free up land, resources and environments for both ourselves and nature for green housing & global sustainability.

Our first product that we have invented to achieve this is the Hydrosac: a high productivity, low cost and flexible multiponic system combining Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaculture, Aquaponics and Enclosure. 


How the Hydrosac works:

Made from a flexible plastic material, the Hydrosac holds an internal water chamber with an integrated aerator inside. Holding the Hydrosac upright on the waterform is an inflatable rim that supports a porous netting. Plants enter the Hydrosac through holes in the top to rest on the netting layer. With the aerator running continuously, fed from a remote air compressor or pump (mains, fuel or solar battery powered), a highly oxygenated nutrient solution nourishes the plant roots entering deep into the water body, and when the bubbles pop a mist sprays upwards towards the bottom of the plant. With connections for drip feed or circulating nutrient solution, the Hydrosac is designed for instant implementation by farmers at a low cost - simply roll out, inflate, connect and grow.

As our design is simple, flexible and scalable - many different crops and produce can be grown:

Plants: can be grown from seed, plantlet or transplant

Shrubs: larger versions can support much bigger plants with external supports

Trees: even trees can be grown with dwarf rootstocks and training support

Shrimp: our transparent Hydrosac can grow algae & phytoplankton to nourish shrimp fry at high oxygen levels

Fish: feed inside the water chamber for either aquaponics or grow only fish

Algae & Seaweed: grow algae for bioproducts or seaweed for food - or connect to larger system for filtration & oxygenation

Crustaceans & Shellfish: many new water species can be grown in the water chamber, algal fed or feed fed - you can even set up complex new food chains with multiple Hydrosacs!

By removing arable land requirements, vast swathes of fertile land can be freed up for biodiversity and agriculture moved to new areas:

Desert: use Hydrosac inside shaded polytunnel enclosure for temperature controlled high productivity & low water use growth

Steppe: set up Hydrosacs in enclosure for year round growth, with grow-light supplementation in winter for heating and photosynthetic light

Wasteland: sterile or ruined land can be reclaimed with the Hydrosac as there is no need for ground fertility and limited opportunity for contamination inside enclosure

The Sea: use enclousure integrated floating Hydrosac model to grow fruit & vegetables on the ocean connected to a central supply platform, or boat - with biodegradable options possible

Remote Communities: feed inside the water chamber for either aquaponics or grow only fish

Artic: tap into geothermals to power enclosure heating & lighting to grow produce in northern and southern extremes

Urban High Rise & Underground: establish a new range of vertical farms and underground food factories to produce excellent food right next to markets and customers

All this functionality is available at low cost - from just £30,000 an acre for an installation, or individually from £20-30 per m2.

Fancy the highest productivity cutting edge option? We are aiming for our first IoT automated Hydrosac Phytofarm to cost from £100,000 an acre.

Due to the simplicity of our design and full ownership of our proprietry IP - we can offer some of the lowest costs in the sector

Talented Executive Team

Adam Dixon CEO: expert in high tech horticulture, customer centric engineering design and intelligent manufacturing. 

Dr Richard Perks CTO: leading researcher and project manager in advanced semicondutor technology and smart electronics. 

James Griffiths: physics graduate with expertise in advanced materials and IoT technology

Luke Parkin: engineering graduate at the cutting edge of circular economy value analysis and business operation

Dr Simon Schofield: leading plant biosciences and bioengineering researcher

World Class Advisors

Dr Ying Liu: among the world leaders in artificial intelligence, design, design informatics, industry 4.0 and data mining

Professor Huw Dixon: (relation to Adam Dixon) one of UK's most influential macro-economists looking at our socioeconomic engagement 

Are you excited by these new opportunities for farming and growing, and making the world a better place?

Help us grow by signing up to our movement, pre-ordering a Hydrosac through crowd funding and voting for us now in Voom. 

By supporting us, you allow us to work tirelessly on developing the next generation of disruptive agricultural technologies for the 21st century, ending swathes of problems and fostering a new platform of sustainable opportunity for all. 

Thank you for your time,

Adam Dixon

Chief Executive Officer, Phytoponics C.I.C.

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