Raise funds for CDLS Charity

Raise funds for CDLS Charity

To raise awareness and funds for CDLS Charity

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In 2015 I was in a horrific car accident which left me with long term health issues. After three painful surgeries I am now focusing on rehabilitating myself. For the last two years I've been stuck on crutches. I've had to plan my outings around where seating is available to me, and make use of special assistance services that I never knew existed. This has given my so much insight into what it's like having a disability and how challenging life becomes when your body and mind are no longer dependable through one reason or another.

I grew up with a severely disabled sister. She had Cornelia De Lang Syndrome (CDLS). It has always been an ambition of mine that someday I would raise £10,000 for her charity so that research, awareness and resources continue to be available. My hope was that I would achieve things in my life for the both of us and appreciate my ability to do so... with that in mind I plan to rehabilitate myself within the next year and undertake three physical challenges in her honour. Any money raised through this will used to aid the challenges and given to the CDLS charity. A blog and email updates/phones will be available to those who support the cause.

I urge you please to visit: http://www.cdls.org.uk

Thank you for supporting me in this journey.