With your help we will continue to put cameras in the hands of underrepresented communities. Everybody should have the chance to be heard.

We did it!

On 31st Jan 2017 we successfully raised £9,668 with 51 supporters in 67 days


We’re PhotoVoice and we believe that everybody should be given the opportunity to have their voice heard, and we use photography to achieve that.

We’re a charity made up of a small dedicated team of passionate individuals, and based in London. Much of the photography we see is taken OF people. At PhotoVoice, we are committed to photography taken BY people - their stories, their experiences, their insights.

We believe in the power of photography for positive social change. Since being established in 2003, we’ve worked on over 65 projects in 35 countries, all helping people to share their own story through photography. 

What do we do?

We work on award-winning participatory photography and digital storytelling projects, delivered in partnership with local organisations who know their communities. This helps ensure that our work is sustainable, long-lasting, and ethical. We’ve worked on many issues over the years, including disability, HIV, trafficking, political rights, women’s empowerment, and many more.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest and best charities, including the Red Cross, the Overseas Development Institute, Save the Children, Health Poverty Action, NSPCC, and others, who have wanted to really understand the countries and communities they’re working in, and have worked with us to help achieve that.

Why photography?

A photograph is an amazing thing. It’s a way to document what is happening, record facts, share information, enable creative expression, and highlight to others what is happening. It transcends language, ability, age, and literacy. 

What does social change mean?

For us, it’s about working to create the opportunities for people to have their voice heard, and then working with them and others to ensure that the right people are hearing it. A photograph can open doors, change minds, move people to laughter or tears. We harness this amazing power and encourage people to be in control of how they are represented, and how decisions are made about them.

What is this Christmas appeal all about?

85% of our income goes on our projects and communications work. It’s tough times for charities, particularly a charity with an approach as unique as ours. We’ve worked on some amazing projects over the years, and we want to continue to work on many more. Your support can help to keep us delivering these projects.

So what rewards do I get?

There are many individuals and organisations who recognise the importance of our work and support us to deliver it. They’ve donated a range of rewards for this Christmas appeal, and all of the profits will help us to deliver more of it. Here are some of the rewards you could get: 

Thank you!

Donate to us just because you support what we do. Your donation can get you a handwritten thank you note (please note, if this is from our CEO it’s likely to be illegible but it will still be heartfelt), a pack of postcards, a tote bag, or more. Physical items such as prints and postcards will be sent on the last day of postage before Christmas (21st December).


Have your photographic portfolio reviewed by an expert. Attend training. Visit Chernobyl. Many rewards are available to help you take the next step on your photographic journey.


You get an exclusive camera in a unique ‘PhotoVoice’ package. What you do with it is up to you, but know that you’ve got something amazing, and contributed to something amazing. Please note that the Olympus camera will not be ready for dispach until the new year. 

Prints & Books

Donated by amazing photographers, we have a range of prints to suit any wall or wallet. Many are signed, limited edition prints from some of the best photographers around. Any prints purchased before Christmas will be sent out on the last day of postage (December 21st) 



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