Photos Capture

Photos Capture

Photos Capture aims to promote and inspire positivity and provide a therapy service within schools and hospitals.

We did it!

On 21st Oct 2014 we successfully raised £1,070 of £1,000 target with 18 supporters in 62 days

New stretch target


Thank you so much for your support to Photos Capture; but the project still needs your support!

We now have a new target to aim for, and the more funding the project receives, the better the prospects for the future of the Project.

The additional money continues to work towards specialist equipment and supplies, and funding further academic research into mental health in children and young people.  Looking into the future; a dream aim for the project is to incorporate Photography Therapy into the school curriculum, ensuring all staff involved with children and young people are better educated on all aspects of mental health.




What is the project?

Photos Capture is a photography therapy based project, aiming to raise funds towards helping children and young people with mental health difficulties.  This requires the support of backers to help purchase necessary equipment.  I believe that photos capture the moments and emotions we never want to lose, emotions such as happiness, love and self-worth.These emotions are often tested in daily life, especially under difficult circumstances. Therefore by encouraging children and young people to capture the things that make them happy, they can build a long lasting picture to look back at in times of doubt or despair.

How does the project work?

I hope to produce photos that can encourage everyone to stay positive and motivated in their everyday life. These photos will show images of beauty in all its aspects, aiming to produce and sustain happy emotions. As a crowdfunder project, the backers will pledge money in support of the project. As a reward for the pledge made, depending on the donation; backers can receive copies of the photography produced, request a specific photo and even create a canvas using a photo of their choice. Regular photos will be uploaded to the site to keep the backers interested not only in the beauty of photography, but also as a reminder that images can promote positivity and well-being.

What will the funding support?

With funding, I hope to build on my own further research of mental health illnesses and expand the project into the community. As I pursue a career in paediatric nursing, I aim to introduce photography as a means of therapy within schools and hospitals.

The project is currently being supported on Twitter by 'YoungMinds', a major charitable organisation raising awareness for youth mental health.  It is great that they have offered their support and advice towards this project.  Follow @PhotosCaptureKH .

What is the benefit of photography therapy?

By introducing photography therapy into these environments, the students and patients can explore their surroundings and photograph things that interest them; allowing them to capture the things that make them happy so that they always have something to look at when they're feeling low. By using Polaroid cameras, the photos can be printed instantly, allowing for discussions and explorations of the images they have produced. In some cases, photos may be produced which may require more in-depth assessments and therapeutic work.  This could be done internally with the help of the trained staff either from the school or the hospital. These images can therefore provide a basis which children and young people may use in counselling and therapy work – to uncover both positive and negative feelings.

What has inspired this project?

From a young age, I was drawn to the beauty of photography, especially to capture adventures, activities and experiences to make sure that the memories and emotions were never lost. I often suspect that people do not fully appreciate their own achievements, and do not grasp opportunities which surround them.  Therefore by capturing these positive moments, I hope to inspire people to drive forward and create even more memorable experiences of their own.Following a training course on self-harming behaviours, I also understand how important a photo can be in preventing illness, and in providing a positive stimulus to prevent risky behaviours.

Following personal experiences of highs and lows, and a poor long-term memory, I use photographs as a way of making sure that I do not lose certain moments and feelings of happiness enabling me to remember times when I was inspired to keep strong. If a person can attach a positive emotion to a memory, even to a still photograph, that memory has the potential to spark a motivation.

Please look at my rewards section where you can receive copies of my own work, and hopefully in the future, photos taken by the children and young people engaged in my project.

And finally…

A little about me, my name is Kate, I am 21 and have recently graduated in Childhood Studies & Health and Social Care. I have secured a place to study an MSc in paediatric nursing and cannot wait to start! My third year dissertation was on adolescent mental health and how teachers and school staff are educated and trained to help children suffering within schools. The research showed how a lack of awareness, time and training is increasing the risk of children being neglected of necessary support regarding their mental health concerns. I hope this project can provide further research, education and training to both the general public, specialised staff and of course children and young people through self-help therapies, to become better equipped in the support and acknowledgement of mental health – especially regarding stigmatisation.

Thank you very much for showing an interest in my project; I am very excited about it!

If you have any questions, support or further information; please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Take care & keep smiling!

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