Photography Tours

Photography Tours

I want to start a photography group that tours Scotland. Night photography, waterfalls, historical sites, something for everyone.

We did it!

On 10th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £160 with 9 supporters in 28 days

I have spent a few years on the road, in many different countries and have decided to set up a small photography tour in Scotland (who'd of think it!!). If all goes well I hope to expand after a year or two and employ another driver who will be your local guide too

So, for now....

It will be based from Dundee / Edinburgh and offer a variety of small but fun tours for all budgets.

Trips for amateurs and enthusiasts into the highlands for a night for astro-photography workshops (and hopefully see the northern lights), to a week long trip around the Scottish 500 taking in the beautiful sights and stoping for lunch at local restaurants.

With a mix of hostels, guest houses and camping, it has something for everyone!

Heres how the money will help,

First and foremost, a decent car - I'll be looking to get a nice big car that can tackle terrain, carry some gear on the roof and comfortably fit up to five passengers. So probably a Mitsubishi Shogun.

Roof rack - I will make sure I have a roof rack fitted to carry the camping equipment

Tents and camp beds - Three nice big dome tents with lots of space for two camp beds in each so you aren't tripping over each other or your bags as you get in and out

Accessories - Things like extra tripods, filters and attachments and some shutter releases in case you dont have your own or accidentally forget to bring them with you. There will also be camping stoves, mugs, plates etc so we can cook our own food and have soups or tea and coffee too

Insurance, MOT, road tax - To help make sure the car is all above board and maintained so its tip top for our excursion

I will also donate 10% profit to a local charity (still checking them out) so it benefits as many people as possible :) xxx

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