Photography progression

Photography progression

Simply put I am an aspiring photographer who is in need of your support in order to Upgrade my computer to meet clients demands.

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On 16th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Simply put I am an aspiring photographer who is in need of your support in order to enhance my portfolio to meet the needs of my clients.  I have recently been fortunate enough to secure some publications with my adventure photography work, this is great new how ever it has now created another's problem. The equiptment I use to edit my work is old and is not able to cope with the volume of work and the speed at which I need to edit my work in order to meet publications and customers promises. The paradox is, I am now not able to accept all the work that comes my way and consequently I am loosing work to the competition. I intent to use my prints to also raise money for my sinister inlaws charity which was recently set up in lieu of her passing away. This is the Sue Jones Cancer Support Fund,  without the correct equipment I am not able to process my work to a high enough level which in turn will generate donations for the charity.  I am in need of a more powerfull PC which can run my Lightroom and photoshop applications much more efficiently and timely, the isssue is the revenue I do generate is simply not enough to commit to such a big overhea. In return for your support I intent to gift a one off signed print of work to you and offer free photography classes or even days out in the mountains to help with techniques, skills and compositions. I appreciate youtaking the time to read my story.

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