Photography Future - New Camera

Photography Future - New Camera

Continuation of passion - photography that is something that I love

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello all. My name is Beata. From when I can remember I love do photos.

As I was little, I used my dad's camera - a hybrid. Unfortunately, the camera was stolen. For a long time when I went to classes in photography so I borrowed the camera from a friend. As i went to school still is not as I had put aside money and earn for a camera. When I finished school, my boyfriend gave me a canon 50d. Unfortunately, after 3 years of use mirror and shutter is broken. I have got  400 pounds, but I would like the money to invest in new lenses (i have got 50mm and 35-70mm). When the camera was working i bought a new computer for image processing and editing program, but unfortunately a few days after buying the PC, the camera broke down. I can not afford a new one and I would like to continue my passion which is a photograph.

I have a lot of my photos that I've made for no commercially. If I would be able to accumulate money for the camera and flash to take pictures ill start begin shooting immediately. This is my passion and I love to do. Besides spending time with my boyfriend I love to spend time at the shooting :)

If do you like my work and want to give me an opportunity to further development (to buyi canon 5DS R or a better model if I will have more money) wants to go to school and take care of the photo only and exclusively that.

My few photos :