Phoenix Biochar CIC

by Evan Trower in Clevedon, England, United Kingdom

Phoenix Biochar CIC


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The aim is to transform diseased Ash Trees into Biochar and further process into a soil enhancing fertilizer.

by Evan Trower in Clevedon, England, United Kingdom

I have decided to create this company because I believe it helps to address multiple challenges that impact every community both local and country wide. 

The Ash Dieback disease is dreadful and will see millions of our Ash trees gone from our countryside (up to 90%). There are approximately 185 million Ash Tree's in the UK alone, and the death of so many tree's has a vast impact on the environment. In fact the social and environmental impact of this disease is estimated at a cost of £230 million to the UK economy. 

Global Warming and climate change IS the issue of our time, and if we do not find simple ways as well as big changes to mitigate it - we will be in trouble. Phoenix Biochar CIC has been designed to help our community play our part in reducing the carbon emissions related to the Ash Dieback pandemic. Instead of letting the tree's rot, Phoenix Biochar will process them in our custom made kiln and transform them into Biochar.

Biochar is pretty much pure Carbon, that is stable, and can remain in its form for thousands of years. By creating this, through processing the felled Ash Tree's, we will stop further emissions into the atmosphere. We aim to be a Carbon Negative Company. 

We will also work with other Charities to help replace the lost Ash trees. There is scientific research that shows, that using Biochar builds the resilience of the tree saplings against the ADB disease.

The other issue which this project will help highlight and combat is to do with soil - soil is integral to all life, and by having healthy soil we will have a healthy society. By selling a soil enhancer, the people who use it will get healthier plants, vegetables and meals. By encouraging the education around soils and improving our food security, we will have a more secure society - this is obviously essential in such uncertain times. 

We know that the Local Government needs help in meeting its Climate Goals. By creating a model that works we can show how implement changes in other parts of the country. We believe other people care about these issues too, and will buy our product, especially because it will be affordable!

Unfortunately though, we can't do this alone, we need your help to get us started! 

This is a small start up, and I do not need loads of capital to begin, but I'm asking for your input to help us cover the costs associated with getting started. Your money will help us to work with local trusts and environmental agencies and help to spread the knowledge that there is a different way of tackling this pandemic.

Once we start operating, we believe we can make a big difference. We will be able to grow and help revolutionize industries like arboriculture/tree surgery and waste management. 

Anything you can give helps us with our mission and is all greatly appreciated! 

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