Phoenix Advocacy obtaining inclusive SEN education

by Elisabeth Roberts in Bicton Heath, England, United Kingdom

Phoenix Advocacy obtaining inclusive SEN education
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To provide advocacy for parents of children with autism, to make weighted equipment at cost. Set up an autism school in Shropshire

by Elisabeth Roberts in Bicton Heath, England, United Kingdom

I have been advocating for families in Shropshire, to get the specific support & understanding for their child with autism, adhd or pda in education, for a number of years & have done this voluntarily. Families like mine have much bigger expenses, so I've never requested money from them, I help because I have fought for this for my own children and my son's situation was so severe, I won a landmark case for him. The Independent Advisory Support Service, which has previously supported some parents getting an Education & Healthcare Plan (EHCP), has recently had major cuts, so have gone from 7 members of staff, to 1.5 & they were struggling when they had 7!

I have succeeded in intervening with a year 6 pupil, who has autism and was stating that he would kill himself at the end of the SATs week, because he just couldn't cope with the stress. After my advice at a meeting, the school accepted that he wouldn't cope with these & withdrew him from the tests. I went in to school during SATs week & went over an old SATs paper with the pupil, explaining what support & extra time he was entitled to, gauging regularly his stress levels & every time I asked him to give me a number between 0 & 10... 10 being very stressed, he stated he was a 1. He has now gone up to secondary school & is coping well, with all the intervention advice myself & his parents gave them. My requests to help have been increasing, so funding to help with paper, ink & my fuel costs, would be fantastic. Shropshire is the largest landlocked county in the UK, so distances are long.

I have been making weighted blankets for children & adults around the UK & Ireland for 4 years & at cost, because the blanket I first made for my son, was often the difference between me having to call the police due to violent rages & him being able to de-escalate, because the specific weight, enabled his brain to start the release of dopamine & serotonin, the calming hormones, that we release naturally & unfortunately, they can't. I am legally permitted to make these, as they are classed as medical devices. I have created a technical file & conform to CE & Class 1 Medical Devices Regulations. Because each blanket is so specific, I have to order fabrics once someone places an order, however, I would like to be able to purchase & hold more lining fabric, poly pellets and the tested fleece fabrics, which would make it quicker for me to make it & send it out. I would also like to have some funding put aside for me to be able to make the occasional weighted blanket for a family that can't even afford my prices, which are 95% less than those sold by "specialist" companies. My reputation for making fantastic, robust blankets, is well known.

I am well known within the area of autism & I use this to help educate more people in being supportive, understanding & appreciative of what young people with autism, adhd & pda can bring to society. The better understood, the more inclusive our society will become, especially in our current times.

I would like to be able to rent an office space, that is big enough for families to visit, where I can offer advice & support, which is important for some children, as there is a firm divide between, home, school & any family support work, their rigidity of thought can cause extensive problems, which is why many have issues in education in the first place.

My own children were seriously let down by education & CAMHs services, 12 years later, the same issues are still prevalent, so I would very much appreciate any financial support & advisory support offered. I hope that businesses would take my project on, as their project, to help me, help others.


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