Pheo Bikers

Pheo Bikers

To participate in Race Across America and Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme raising money for NET Patients, OUH and Prospect Hospice.

We did it!

On 7th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 28 days

In August 2015, I survived and was diagnosed with a pheochromocytoma on my right adrenal gland, which is a rare tumor of adrenal gland tissue.  It results in the release of too much epinephrine and norepinephrine, hormones that control heart rate, metabolism, and blood pressure.  They are lethal, rarely detectable and often only diagnosed in post-mortem due to their silent nature.  My resting blood pressure was 250/120 and resting heart rate was 160 beats per minute when I suffered a severe episode of nausea, anxiety and pain whilst on holiday with my daughter.

By all rights, I should not be here, I should not be alive, the fact that I am, is in no small way due to the excellence of Dr Baglow, Mr Mihai, Oxford University Hospitals and NET Patient Foundation, all of whom helped me in varying degrees to overcome a life threatening shock to my system in August 2015.

I am riding, as taking up cycling just prior to the episode, in all probability saved my life, and to raise money for OUH, NET Patients and Prospect Hospice.  Unlike Prudential RideLondon100 and London Marathon, 100% of what I raise through cycling will go to charity.

I am riding 10,000 miles, looking to take part in the Race Across America (RAAM) and Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme in 2018 to raise the money.  In order to do this, I will need to partner with some corporate backers and or individuals who deem the cause worthy and beneficial.  I have several prinicipal benefactors/corporate backers (Freedom Clinics, Protein Haus with 3 more I am waiting for answers from) and hope I am well on my way to raising the £20,000 I will need to enter the RAAM, which I have already qualified for, and additional £21,000 for the RBTSE, which I have already registered for.  

In riding 10,000 miles this year, I have ridden to Scotland and Switzerland unsupported, taken part in the Tour of The Highlands, Fred Whitton, Bealach, Etape Caledonia, Velo Birmingham, AlpenBrevet and Revolve24.  I have paid my own way through all these events and continue to contribute to raising funds to help with sponsorship and awareness for the above charities.

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