PhD start-up in sunny Scotland

PhD start-up in sunny Scotland

I need some help with UK visa fees (£900), plus start-up living costs (around £800) to begin my Speech Therapy PhD in Glasgow.

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I have been offered an amazing PhD project in my favourite place in the world, and now I need a little help to get myself there. The project involves the development of accessible rehabilitation tools for stroke survivors with communication difficulties, helping them to set their own recovery goals and regain a sense of independence. This is something I feel strongly about, as I'm passionate about research that gives people a voice.

I am originally from Australia, where I completed an Honours degree in Education and a Master of Speech Pathology. The onset of a chronic health condition while finishing my Masters made it difficult to move on to further study or research. I took a few years out to travel and work as a disability carer in the UK and Europe, trying to rebalance my health and regain a sense of purpose in what I really wanted to do with my future. This led me on to studying a diploma in Shiatsu, which has not only helped my own health enormously but also given me another set of skills to hopefully help people live well - this is ultimately what I want to do, both through Shiatsu and holistic Health Sciences research. 

While I've worked hard over the last couple of years to learn how to manage my condition, it has, at times, limited my work options,  so I don't now have the funds behind me to cover the costs of applying for my UK visa and finding a place to live. Because of the new Immigration Health Surcharge, visa costs come to just under £900, and the cost of a deposit and first month's rent for a room in Glasgow will come to around £800. There are other costs involved in setting up, but if I can fund the more pressing visa and living expenses, I'm mostly there. So any contribution, however small, is a huge help, and enormously appreciated. Thank you!

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