Ground-breaking doctoral research NEEDS FUNDING

by Emily Wright in San Francisco

Ground-breaking doctoral research NEEDS FUNDING
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I have commenced my PhD but need your help! Please help me in improving the practice and culture of science.

by Emily Wright in San Francisco

My research addresses the nature of scientific inquiry and its relation to our lived experience. In light of today's global challenges we need to advance science such that it not only produces knowledge about the external world, but concomitantly illuminates our inner worlds. I propose a new logic and language for the practice and culture of science in order to achieve this aim. This is truly ground-breaking work for which I have garnered much enthusiasm amongst peers. It needs to be developed and more widely communicated. 

My work is highly applicable to the environmental crisis as well as our search to find a substantive ethical ground for the inevitable advancement and integration of artificial intelligence.

The working title for my book is "Responsibility to Feel: ethics in the age of the environmental crisis and artificial intelligence". 

I desperately need help. Previously a Masters student with a loan, and then a low paid teacher, I am unable to afford the tuition fees and living costs of a PhD. I believe fervently in the value of this work for the future of our global community, and my unique position to execute it with grace and professionalism. I need collective help to make this a better world for all of us, please lend your support if you are able. 

With deep gratitude. Emily.

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