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A project to support my new album 'Phantastes'

by Nick Harper in Marlborough, England, United Kingdom

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Alan Medd 13th September 2020

Glad to be able to help in some small way. After all, you’ve been a very enjoyable part of the soundtrack to my life for many years now. Can’t wait for live music to resume...

Paul Walke 12th September 2020

Carrying off the Truffaut look well. I think you should wear a beret to cover the thinning thatch as penance for the duration of you 2021 tour. Cheers from Sheff.

Ian Dowson 12th September 2020

Hey Nick. Could you send me the lyrics to Blood Song please. Could you start the sheet with 'To Dave' and then sign it at the bottom. A nice xmas pressie! Looking forward to hearing this when finished. Hope you're keeping well at the moment.

Nicola Firmager 12th September 2020

I love your music, I have your early CD’s 👏👏 I adore the story behind Phantastes (I need to get myself a copy too now !!) SO romantic !! I am glad to help in this small way to get you closer to finishing your project. I am sorry you’ve had to cancel your tour dates. I hope this makes up for it. Look forward to hearing you new songs 🙏🏻 Take care X

Anne Prinn 11th September 2020

Love your gigs Nick! Looking forward to the cd and on-line event. This sounds a beautiful project. Well done with what you've done so far and giid luck for the rest!

Jay Robertson 11th September 2020

As one of my favourite artists, I will ALWAYS support Nick whenever and however I can. I've already donated for a signed CD etc but to also have Nick read the book for audio is just beyond wonderful. So excited for this album!!! X P.S. If you're tempted to donate and get yourself a copy just do it! You won't regret it. And while you're at it get hold of his back catalogue...it will sooth your soul!!!!!!! X


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Phantastes audiobook read by Nick

An audiobook of Phantastes read by Nick. Not only a great book, but the story that is the essential companion to the album, giving an insight to the music's inspiration and an extra resonance to the songs. 25% of any donation for this will be forwarded to the Music Venues Trust charity, who do absolutely vital work supporting grassroots venues up and down the UK.

£1 or more

A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You for helping 'Phantastes' become a thing. If you like, we will post your name in the Pantheon of backers on Nick's Facebook page

£7 or more

Phantastes Digital Download and A Big Thank You

A digital download of the album and the option of A Big Thank You on social media

£12 or more

Phantastes CD and A Big Thank You

Phantastes CD and A Big Thank You - Nick will sign it for you if you like

£20 or more

Signed Phantastes CD Bundle

A signed copy of the CD, digital download, a ticket to the online Phantastes gig and A Big Thank You

£30 or more

Signed Phantastes Vinyl LP Bundle

A signed copy of the album on 180g vinyl, A ticket to the Phantastes online gig, digital download and A Big Thank you

£50 or more

Nick Harper Hand Written Lyrics Bundle

Nick will write the lyrics to one of his songs for you and personalise them if required. You can choose any lyrics from his back catalogue. The Phantastes lyrics will be posted online. You will also receive a digital download of the album, a ticket to the online gig and A Big Thank You

£80 or more

Everything Bundle

A handwritten Nick Harper lyric of your choice, a signed Phantastes vinyl LP, a signed Phantastes CD, a Phantastes digital download, a ticket to the Phantastes Online Gig and A Big Thank You

£150 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Signed Phantastes White Label Vinyl + Bundle

A signed test pressing 'white label' copy of the album on 12" 180g vinyl. You will also receive the Everything Bundle!

£180 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Phantastes Book - Nick's Original Copy + Bundle

The 1st edition (thus) paperback copy of Phantastes by George Macdonald, that Nick bought from The White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough in 1982. This is the very copy he read whilst his real-life echoed the story within. Inside you will find a personal note from Nick explaining why the book is so special to him. You will also receive the Everything Bundle!

£250 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Nick's handwritten Phantastes lyrics book + Bundle

A one-off artisanal writing book with the lyrics to every song on Phantastes handwritten by Nick. A unique reward. You will also receive the Everything Bundle.

£2,000 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Nick's Airline Guitar used for Phantastes + Bundle

Meet IGOR. The Interactive Global Oscillatory Reactor. IGOR was the only instrument used to record Phantastes and has had a couple of unique customisations added by Nick. IGOR proudly wears his name and uniquely, sports a tremolo on the bridge, that Nick operates with his palm rather than a tremolo arm. This is also the guitar Nick played on Lies! Lies! Lies! and on tour with the Wilderness Kids! You will also receive the Everything Bundle.

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