Phallus Army Pays the Team Bus' Fine

Phallus Army Pays the Team Bus' Fine

A project to pay the parking fine our head of transport inkerred after giving the team a lift to the game.

We did it!

On 1st Dec 2016 we successfully raised £4 with 2 supporters in 14 days

Before their match against Lawsoc, Crystal Phallus parked the bus, causing unrest amongst the public . One certain soldier of 'justice' took it upon himself to deal with the unhappiness at these tactics and slapped a £35 fine on the team. We are a club with financial issues, currently heavily funded by Mr Spicy - King of Leam, but this fine is a bridge too far even for him. In light of this we need your help, we wouldn't ask if we weren't desperate. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated and we promise that from this day forth we will stop parking the bus and play exciting football - The Phallus will push hard and penetrate defences.

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