The Passion Project
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Our aim is to provide a diverse platform to positively impact and change lives. We will do this through a variety of events and collabs.

by Passion For Talent Events in London, England, United Kingdom

Passion For Talent Events Ltd. was founded as a passion project, with the vision of providing a diverse platform to positively impact and change lives.

Our founder first birthed the idea of the passion project after spending years working closely with talent in the fan convention and music industries, as a personal assistant at events and as a tour manager booking live music shows internationally. This area of work sparked an interest in creating something that would ultimately inspire others and help them to take steps towards changing the life path they are on.

Our Mission and Vision

The passion project is forever evolving, but our mission will always remain to help others on their life journey. So far this has involved collaborating with artists across a wide spectrum to help them to succeed in their industry, and holding fund-raising events for vital charities and organisations.

We strive to be an ethical and vegan business, and we take this into consideration when collaborating and organising events.

We have already seen how smaller events have impacted everyone involved, from the artists, to fans, to charities we’ve been able to send funds to. Worlds Collide Convention & Well-Being Retreat will be our biggest event to date, and we are so excited to see what we can do for others on a larger scale, as well as continuing to grow The Passion Project through holding various smaller events and collaborations. Our mission stands out from other businesses because of the diversity of what we have to offer and what we are working towards.

Our Goals

The passion project is working towards: 

  • Making Worlds Collide Convention & Well-Being Retreat successful. The event is taking place on 5-7 June 2020, and aims to be a creative collaborations weekender, bringing the arts from all different worlds together to create something special and unique that targets individuals from all walks of life. We want to hold a space for anyone and everyone to get involved and learn something from the experience.Talent involved in this event includes actors, musicians, and well-being and life coaches. Our venue is the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel.

  • Collaborating with The Hempress Collective, a group of women working to empower each other, to support them in building an eco-community in Nepal. This eco-community will transform the lives of women and children who are exploited by the society in which they live in. The Hempress Collective, founded by Hannah Pixie Snowdon and Priscilla Devi, will provide a safe place for these individuals to live and thrive.

  • Collaborating with a fashion director to create sustainable clothing and jewellery whilst raising awareness on the issues surrounding fast fashion in relation to the current climate crisis.

  • Creating spaces, projects, and mini events to raise money for mental health charities, climate support organisations and other worthy causes. This will involve collaboration with like-minded venues and talent such as musicians, well-being coaches, and creative artists.

  • Collaborating with animal rights and vegan activists to bring beneficial workshops to the community.

  • Booking venues to host UK and European tours for musicians such as Mercy Mode.

Money raised through this crowdfunder will go directly towards making these goals happen. 

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