Pets' Corner Emergency Fund

by kate-williams in Longford Park

Pets' Corner Emergency Fund
We did it
On 21st June 2015 we successfully raised £6,200 with 256 supporters in 35 days

Longford Park Pets' Corner urgently needs funds to upgrade our security for the animals and also for ongoing costs, vet fees, etc.

by kate-williams in Longford Park

dangermoose2000 19th June 2015

Hope the Pets Corner has a happy future...always love spending some time there when passing through the park. Thank you for your efforts. 14th June 2015

We live around the corner and were so saddened to hear about the mistreatment of the animals. A major loss if the vandals ruin this wonderful place for everyone else. So glad someone has managed to come up with this. We are doing our own crowdfunder and came across is coincidently. You are doing amazing. Well done. 5th June 2015

We have been really impressed with all the dedication and work put in by the volunteers and it is wonderful to see the community getting behind a project!

chriswoo40 5th June 2015

I used to take my kids there when they were little and we loved it. I hope you can keep it going for other people to enjoy in the future.

timmtam 2nd June 2015

Good luck with this. My children are still little and we all love Pets' Corner. So sad to hear about the recent attacks on the animals.

harrygray2 30th May 2015

Pets Corner is an important part of the community. Judging from the pledges made so far it looks like a lot of people think the same. Well done to all involved.:)

gavbad73 30th May 2015

So sorry to read about the awful things that have happened to the chickens, I hope you reach your target. My family really appreciate your work. 29th May 2015

This cause is very close to my heart! Please give generously folks and ensure that Pets' Corner stays open for future generations to enjoy xxx

steve99 28th May 2015

My children are all grown-up and have left home but they loved going to pets corner when they were small and it never cost us a penny in thirty years. I am pleased to be able to make a small contribution now, I'm only sorry that it is in such sad and dispiriting circumstances. What a shame that there are such pathetic individuals around who have nothing better to do than cause suffering to harmless animals. Good luck. 27th May 2015

Such sad times we live in when a security system is needed to protect a pets corner :( A big thank you for the wonderful job being done by the volunteers and supporters. Hope you raise all you need and more to continue running what is a much loved, and appreciated by all who visit, pets corner.

barclay 23rd May 2015

Good luck with your efforts to keep the Pets Corner going for so many families to enjoy and thank you for your work in keeping the animals safe and well.

nikki-pope 22nd May 2015 you think Stretford B&Q would like to sponsor /donate? Or has anyone asked? Gregge bakers also have good reputation for supporting local charities...

nikki-pope 22nd May 2015

Thank-you for the opportunity to collectively overcome the obstacles...and secure a happy loving place...good luck... Nikki Cate Ben :-) xxx


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Your reward will be the knowledge that you are helping to feed our goats, rabbits, chickens, doves and guinea pigs.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A public THANK YOU on our Facebook page.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A public THANK YOU on our Facebook page, and a picture THANK YOU from one of our goats emailed to you.

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£55 Reward

A public THANK YOU on our Facebook page and one of our specially designed Pets' Corner T-shirts.

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