Petroleum Plastic Free Products (PPFP)

by Warren and Rachael Willshaw in Underwood, England, United Kingdom

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Petroleum Plastic Free Products - PPFP - A Social Enterprise with the Solution to the Plastic Pollution Epidemic!

by Warren and Rachael Willshaw in Underwood, England, United Kingdom

Louise Maule 19th August 2018

I admire your vision and determination - wishing your every success in setting this up! #plasticpollutes #plasticfree #lookforthelogo :)

Jean Skeen 11th August 2018

I agree we need to stop its production starting with black plastic used in food trays etc if it isn't made it cant be used and an alternative will be found.

monique Uys 9th August 2018

This is the only way forward. We need to make this happen. Thank you for a great initiative. I hope people realy see the importance is such a movenent.

Richard Willshaw 8th August 2018

We wish you every success with this most worthy mission...may your initiative materialize and prove to be " The Rainbow in this Chilling Cloud that is Threatening our Beautiful Planet" Best of Luck Richard & Jane Willshaw.


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