Petroleum Plastic Free Products (PPFP)

by Warren and Rachael Willshaw in Underwood, England, United Kingdom

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Petroleum Plastic Free Products - PPFP - A Social Enterprise with the Solution to the Plastic Pollution Epidemic!

by Warren and Rachael Willshaw in Underwood, England, United Kingdom

Petroleum Plastic Free Products - PPFP  The Social Enterprise with a Solution to Plastic Polution...

We are looking for your support for an idea that will change the world and put a STOP to the PLASTIC POLLUTION EPIDEMIC!


Our Solution

Our solution is to put the power back into the hands of the consumer and to guide industry in reducing their dependency on non-biodegradable Plastic Products!

PPFP is the first Standards Organisation to commit businesses to phasing out non-biodegradable plastics and address the Plastic Pollution Issue at source.


The Plastic Pollution Epidemic! 

300,000,000 tons of plastic is produced globally each year. Approximately 12,000,0000 tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans each year. According to recent research it is estimated that every square mile of ocean contains approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic! It has even been estimated that by 2050 there is likely to be more plastic in the ocean than there is fish!!


Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals die every year from eating discarded plastics mistaken for food.

The BBC series Blue Planet II highlighted the scale of plastic debris in the oceans. In one particularly upsetting episode albatrosses try to feed plastic to their young, and a pilot whale carries her dead calf with her for days in mourning. Scientists working with the program believe the mother’s milk was made poisonous by Plastic Pollution!


Bio-monitoring in humans has revealed that chemicals used in the manufacture of plastics are certainly present in the human population in harmful concentrations! Migration of contaminants from food packaging into food is considered the main route of exposure of human populations (Grob et al. 2006).


The PPFP Solution

PPFP is developing a Certification Standard Framework and Auditing System that goes over and above all current legislation.  We are the First Plastic Free Standards Certification Organisation and are committed to helping businesses becoming Non-biodegradable Plastic Free!

In order to carry the PPFP Certification Mark, all committed businesses will  undergo rigorous, independent and detailed audits of their plastic consumption within each aspect of their operations. PPFP will monitor and assist with achieving targets and strategies to steadily reduce consumption and dependency on non-biodegradable plastics. 


The sea turtle has become ubiquitous as the flagship species representing a desperate and immediate need for change! At PPFP we want the entire products life-cycle to be considered, from its conception through to its development, sale and subsequent disposal! 

By using this method, we at PPFP aim to make non-biodegradable plastics obsolete. By using our power as consumers we can change the course of plastic production by committing industry to putting a halt to the production and use of non-biodegradable plastics.

PPFP would also like to be the first to offer businesses the opportunity to get ahead of the curve! Its not about legal compliance catch up, its about future proofing your business!

We want to work with industry and people to create a migration towards a ZERO Plastic Production Process!


Why we chose the Crowdfunder Route

One of our primary reasons for crowd funding is that we want to engage with businesses with no strings attached, i.e. to be truly independent. 

Funds raised will be invested in Developing our PPFP Standards Framework and raising our Company Profile and Standards Logo in the public domain through strategic marketing and collaborating with industry.

When we are fully established and swinging we will create an "The PPFP Innovation Fund" which will be used to power the most innovative and exiting advances in biodegradable Plastics! 

"We can't wait to accelerate Petroleum Plastic Free Products- PPFP, and start making the BIG IMPACT we know this solution can provide!"


Time to cut off the source of the infection!

We are only now understanding and witnessing the “TRUE COST” of plastic, its whole life- cycle has never previously been considered. 

None of us are immune to the effects of Non-biodegradable Plastics! It has been dubbed "The Asbestos of our Time!" 

Plastic is unable to biodegrade like natural substances, instead it just gets divided down into smaller and smaller pieces through a process called "photo-degradation" .

In Short it never goes away! Its just PILING up AND UP AND UP!

The clean up bill is going to be ASTRONOMICAL! By implementing  the PPFP Standards Framework into manufacturing and production processes we can cut off the source of infection! 

European government banned the use of micro beads last year.  A great win! However, did you know that micro beads only account for 2% of the problem!? We can't afford to overlook the other 98%!


Join the War on Plastic! 

We are not powerless against the rising wave of plastic! Let’s make it easy for everyone to make decisions that halt the ensuing devastation….NO ONE IS IMMUNE! 

Within 6 months of the 5p charge for plastic bags, the UK reduced its consumption by a staggering 85%! 

Let’s make this the LAST STRAW! People and their daily decisions are powerful! Imagine what we can do when we all say no to plastic! 

We need your help!



Check out our website for more information - 

Please keep posted for our regular updates and progress reports!


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