Peter's Phone

Peter's Phone

to raise funds to replace the damaged phone that my autistic son spends quality time on and has real enjoyment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi My name is Josephine and i am the proud mama of my little boy who is Peter.

Peter is three years old and been recently diagnosed with Autism, Sensory processing disorder and Global delay syndrome.

Because of Peter's condition he doesnt really interact or play with many things but the I phone has been his sol source of enjoyment and interaction over the last sixteen months.

Today while trying to use the toilet on his own , he accidently droped the phone down the toilet and we have tried everything to get it to work again but with no luck, he was truly upset .

I have never done anything like this before, though certainly raised and was a CEO of a registered children's charity in the past and so know the importance of kind hearted people from the community in helping and supportingĀ