Pet Solutions Animal Assisted Therapy Services

Pet Solutions Animal Assisted Therapy Services

Pet Solutions are hoping to help vulnerable members of society using an animal assisted therapy service, predominantly using rescue animals.

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On 25th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £2 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Niki Harbinson of Pet Solutions is currently in the process of creating an animal assisted therapy centre predominantly using rescue animals.

This makes it an overall win-win situation, as my clients will benefit from interaction with animals and animals get rehabilitated into a safe, caring home environment. I have 30+ years of experience working with children and animals, a BSc in Animal Welfare Studies, a BHSAI and am qualified in Animal Assisted Therapy. I am insured and hold relevant BDS. I am already closely linked with a counselling service to provide counselling and therapy to clients with various issues, and a veterinary practice to ensure the heath, wellbeing and suitable temperament of the animals taking part in the sessions.

I aim to provide animal assisted therapy and activities to all sectors of the community that would benefit - schools, looked after children, families with difficulties, nursing and care homes, prisons, hospices... in fact anywhere that could benefit from our services! I currently provide visits to schools through the Kennel Club's Bark & Read scheme and to a hospital, nursing home and dementia unit with my dogs.

However, I can see a great benefit in incorporating trained therapists and other species of animals into the therapy service - for example donkies, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and birds - in order to provide a personalised service where I can take a selection of carefully trained and temperament tested therapy animals to my clients according to their diverse needs, or even bring clients to see the animals in situ and gain hands on experience in their home settings.

I hope to raise enough money to fund the purchase of animal transport, and to convert an existing building into an animal therapy centre. I am currently seeking premises to fulfil my dream of helping the most vulnerable and troubled people and animals in the community.

Together, please help us to help them.


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