Pet and Babysitting Online Website

Pet and Babysitting Online Website

A user friendly site which connects pet owners and parents to pet sitters and babysitters.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

About The Project.

My aim is to create an easy to use, simple user friendly site which will connect pet owners and parents to pet and babysitters in their local areas. By doing so, I hope to help teenagers and young adults raise some extra money and to help parents or pet owners find a sitter, so they can concentrate on the more important things.

How does it work for parents or pet owners?

Parents and pet owners will sign up to the site and input their postcode into the search bar. They will then choose either babysitters or pet sitters, depending on what they require. This will then display a list of sitters in their local area displaying the ones closet to them first. The parent or pet owner can then scroll through profiles of the pet or babysitters and choose one they like. They will then choose a date and time they require and the system will display if the sitter is free or not. They can then message the sitter and ask if they are willing to ‘sit’ and set up an interview to decide if they really want this sitter. Once all this has been completed the parent or pet owner will then pay for the sitter directly through the site. The money is held in a holding account until the parent or pet owner has confirmed that the job has been confirmed. The money will then be transferred into the sitters preferred payment method, minus a 10% charge that we apply.  The pet owner or parent will then have the choice to leave feedback about the sitter, this will result in the sitter’s feedback score going up which will show other pet owners or parents that the sitter is trusted and has been used before. .

How does it work for sitters?

The sitter will sign up to the site and fill out their profiles, telling pet owners or parents of their age, what school they go to, if they go to one, if they have done any sitting before etc. They will then publish their profile and wait until they have been messaged by a pet owner or parent about a job. Once they have discussed times and dates and the parent or pet owner has paid to the holding account, they will be notified that they have been paid and they can go and complete the job.

Why am I crowdfunding?

I am crowdfunding because I simply do not have the required start-up capital, but I also want to share my ideas and get my idea around. The money will be used to create the user friendly site and payment system. I have spoken to many website developers and website designers and they say that it will cost around the amount I am asking for.

Why should my project be funded?

I believe in this project and you should too. I have done market research around my local area and asked the general public if they would use this site. The results were extremely positive and 99% of people said they would use this site and recommend it to others. I also think it should be funded because it brings a community together, they can recommend sitters and tell others how it helped. It is easy for a parent or pet owner to quickly log onto the site and book a sitter when needed. It allows ease of mind so parents and pet owners can tick a sitter off the list and focus on the more important things in their lives. It also allows teenagers and young adults to earn some extra money, enabling them to treat themselves, or save up for something they desire!

About Me

My family have a plethora of very successful businesses. I have been helping my family run their businesses since I can remember and now I think it is time for me to spread my wings and create my own very successful business. I am very knowledgeable in setting up a business and know what is required of me to make sure that this project is very successful. I have been learning all the tips and tricks of running businesses since I was little and now I am gathering these all up and applying them to this project so that it is a smooth enjoyable experience for my users. I am a young passionate person that wants to change the world and make it a better place.