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P&M aims to become the 'go-to' online platform to explain the history of current affairs using visual imagery in short videos

We did it!

On 8th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

What is P&M Media?

P&M Media aims to become the 'go-to' online platform to explain the history and give an understanding behind current affairs in short videos. 

We are merging the art of animations and visual imagery to explain complex issues in the world to viewers from all ages and backgrounds within a short space of time.



How does it work?

Keeping attention of any viewer for a lengthy period of time is a challenge we acknowledge is hard to actually accomplish. So our plan is to:

  • We are loading our videos with animations and youthful presenters to explain issues that may otherwise go unexplained to many people.
  • We are making sure the video average running time is around 2 minutes of each video so the viewer doesn't lose attention whilst watching the video. 
  • We are taking topics that are currently in the news, whether its the Brexit vote or the relations between Iran and the West. We then give a breakdown of what the history is behind the current issue so the audience can fully grasp the reason behind current affairs.
  • We are using students and young people who are interested in specific current affairs and involving them to write the scripts
  • We are also using students to present and take part in the production of the videos


The story so far...

Students who are passionate would love to have a platform to write scripts about topics they are interested in. Blogging is a thing of the old and most students can't really get their blogs/scripts/articles transformed into videos. We offer this by involving all students and pretty much the younger generation by encouraging them to write their blogs in a concise way in order to get a video out of it. 

This makes it a platform or a media channel almost wholly owned and produced by the younger generation giving them access to pushing out content which they enjoy learning about. 


So where is P&M right now and whats the plan?

We have currently produced 1 video which is live on our Facebook and YouTube channel with a further 4 videos in production right now. We aim to produce 5 videos on a weekly basis in the initial period and focus on marketing those. Once the team grows, we hope to push out a lot more content!

Do check out our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel:

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