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Perspective Pictures

Perspective Pictures Ltd is an independent entertainment development and production network for freelancers, businesses and charities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have all of our filming locations in place and our crew is assembled to start filming. The production cost for our film project is approximately £15.000 of which we managed to raise £7.000 already. It is for that reason that we would kindly ask you to fund our project with an additional £8.000 in order to help us to reach our project budget.

We believe we have a great vision for our company, helping other independent talent, businesses and charities involved in our project to expand its marketing and branding into new industries and creating positive public relations perceptions.

We do hope you will come along withus on this exciting journey, and be a part of what we will do for many years to come.

Yours truly

Perspective Pictures Ltd

Independent Entertainment

Development & Production Network