Personalised full length novels for children

Personalised full length novels for children

My aim is to give parents the ability to buy full length Personalised novels for their children.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Do you remember the big bulky cardboard books? The ones that had about 5 pages that simply mentioned your name in the title so they could class it as pesonalised?

Or do you remember the stamp at the front of the book that said "This book was written for _____"?

Personally I believe children can see through this ploy and they deserve much better than a few cardboard pages, that is why I have decided to start custobook. The first fully personalised line of books for children. The concept is simple you take a few key details of the child like their name, a few of their likes, maybe some of their friends names so they can share the fun. This important infomation is then transformed into a full length novel between 50-80 pages long.

The initial idea is to have a nice big range of personalised books to choose from, after all if the child loves them (which we know they will) then we want to be able to offer them the chance to carry on reading. There will be a wide range of standalone novels and a few series for your child to follow their own adventures as they unfold over multiple books.

A key aim is to make sure there is a passion for reading in the younger generation and what book would a child love more than one that is all about them?

So how does it work?

The quesion has a very simple answer, about 20% of the book is written in code. We can't even finish the book without making it personalised. This way you know the book really does have that personal touch, the way to complete each book will be different depending on the information we need. Once we have that crucial data we place it into the database and it eases its way onto the pages completing the book.  Every page is personalised in one way or another, personally one of my favourite books from the line includes the childs friends which just keeps on adding  to the adventure. There is no end to the personalised literature it can offer.