Personal Training Diploma

Personal Training Diploma

I would like to hold an Advanced Diploma in Personal training and to be able to provide key information and value to people.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I have a dance background and i am a quali dance teacher. However in my adult life i have dedicated my life all things health and fitness and have built up a following on social media. This has provided me with amazing support along mypersonal fitness journey and i have overcome depression through exercises. This has increased my mental and also physical wellbeing and i have lost around 1 stone in weight over the past year.

I am regularly asked for advise by my followers on my social media and i always have to decline as i do not have the qualificatiosn to advise others, even if something has worked for me.

I would really love to reach out and help more people but provide them a safe way to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Injury prevention is very close to my heart and i would not like to show a friend or familyber to do an exercise i currently do in case i instruct incorrectly.