I want to become a Personal Trainer

I want to become a Personal Trainer

source enough money for leaflets, a website, branded clothing (train with jamie), license fee to start at a gym (roughly £400) etc.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi all,

I don't really know where to start but start I will..

I am halfway through my L3 personal training course having completed L2 Fitness Instructor.

4 years ago I began a fitness journey that has lead me to today; I was morbidly obese and diagnosed with depression - in part due to my overall poor physical health - this was not helped by the added weight on my artifical right leg (prosthetic) amp.

I gave up all unhealthy food including alcohol, I have now being teetotal for 4 Years 3 months and 20 days at time of writing. Furthermore I haven't had a single 'cheat meal' (including christmas dinner :( :0) in this aforementioned time frame. (Extreme I know) and have trained a minimum of 75 mins per day for the duration of my journey with the exception of one day off per week whereby I go for a light bike ride to improve my cardiovascular health and blood flow which is important for my leg.

I am not working at the moment but wish to extend my passion to helping people transform their own bodies, I also want to advertise directly to old aged people for in home fitness and mobility sessions, something my own Nanna has benefited from since I started it with her 4 and a half months ago. You see, gyms can be quite intimidating for the elderley but they need it arguably more than us and I feel home visits would be great for them and fill a gap in the market as I'm not aware of anyone in my city doing this.

if you have any question please feel welcome to ask me, I don't have much idea how this will go but try everything, if you dont try you dont know I guess.

I have dedicated all my 'non existent existing social life' (in part by giving up alcohol and spending countless hours training) to reading, reading and reading some more so the knowledge accumulated of fitness, body composition, fat loss, mobility and nutrition is vastly broad and comprehensive.... so also, questions on this area welcome.