Perranporth Community Pool

Our project is to raise funds so we can convert the old outdoor pool in Perranporth into a new indoor pool powered by renewable energy.

We did it!

On 4th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £250,322 of £250,000 target with 95 supporters in 35 days

We did it! As we're now at the end of this exciting crowdfund we just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who supported this project, we couldn’t have made it without the backing of each and every one of you who donated to the pool, bringing swimming to the people of Perranporth.

Our crowdfunding project is raising funds so that we can convert the old outdoor pool in Perranporth into a fantastic new indoor pool powered by renewable energy.


Welcome to Perranporth Community Pool!

Only a third of children in Perranporth, Cornwall have regular swimming lessons and we need your help to change that…

So far we have raised an amazing £140,000 towards our target of £250,000 from fundraising events and grants. The fact that our volunteer committee, teachers, parents, children and the wider community have raised so much money goes to show how important our project is to the local community!



Bringing the community together

Many local businesses and residents have offered either materials, skills, financial assistance or fund raising support... it really is a great community venture and when we complete the pool approximately 9,000 people will have access to swimming lessons and swimming time which will greatly increase health and fitness of residents and offer life saving skills to everyone who lives in our seaside town.

Our nearest heated swimming pool is over 10 miles away so we aim to turn our dilapidated outdoor school swimming pool into an indoor, heated, modern facility that can be used by the whole community.

With 20% of children in our school having either special needs or qualifying for pupil premium (free school meals etc) we live in an area of substantial deprivation. This is why we need your help to offer free and low cost swimming to the community!

"It may seem strange to some people that a community living so close to a stunning beach needs a swimming pool but as someone who grew up in Falmouth with happy childhood memories of frequent visits to Perranporth, I know how important it is to learn how to swim in a pool before venturing into the sea. Swimming is great exercise for people of all ages and I hope very much that this project received the funds it deserves." - Mrs Sarah Newton MP


Our vision

We want to heat the pool using solar power and an air source heat pump to ensure it is economical to run, energy efficient and helps to protect the beautiful environment we live in from the effects of global warming.

The pool will be open all year round, evenings and weekends and we aim to offer free and low cost swimming to all by ensuring it has full disabled access as well as being enlarged and made deeper so it can be used by all our friends and adults too.



Why is this project so important to Perranporth?

In our area swimming is considered to be a vital life skill both for health and fitness but perhaps more importantly safety. Through our local research we have found that swimming also sets people on course for a life of physical activity with all the health and social benefits associated with it.

We asked the children in Key Stage 2 to fill in a short sport survey and found that only 50% of girls play sport or are members of a club or team compared to 75% of boys and we know that giving children access to swimming can help to change this. We think this is because swimming is so inclusive and as you can learn to swim from an early age it builds confidence and creates an interest in sport in general.

What was most worrying from our survey was that 60% of girls who do not have swimming lessons do not participate in any sport at all. Therefore, free access to swimming through our community project will help to tackle the root cause of this problem for future generations, as results lead us to believe that if a child attends swimming lessons they go onto attend Nippers (Surf Life Saving) and other sporting clubs.

Once girls leave primary school and go onto secondary education their participation steeply falls away. The Surf Life Saving Club reports that teenage girls do still attend the youth group but they stop attending when they leave secondary school.

Most of the other sporting clubs in the Perranporth area see very few older girls on their list and having spoken to local teenage girls (15 - 18 year olds) they all admitted that they don't participate in sport like they did at primary school. When asked if they will take up sport later in life they agreed that they might take up a form of exercise such as aerobics or swimming, primarily for health reasons.

In female adults we see a local trend emerging. Many local women are choosing to run, often with their younger children in buggies, due to so few exercise options being available. With such limited options for exercising in the area, and most women finding their exercise time to be limited many stay at home mums choose to walk or run instead of a social sport with lessons. Coupled with having limited time, many mums in the local area suggest paying for lessons such as Zumba adds an additional financial strain, which limits options for many single parent families.

We therefore see a heated, accessible indoor pool in Perranpoth as being essential to the health and wellbeing of its residents. As the pool will be run as a registered charity by committee (Charity Number 1064352) and will be a non profit making venture all income will be reinvested in the project and therefore the local community.



Supporting our project will help support the health and wellbeing of future generations, providing young people with access to important life skills and setting them on the road to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Please join us and pledge today!


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