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This is about a new style of digital support for connectivity and independent prosperity. I want to help the creatives' in their journey.

by Dominic Hamling-Newbold in London, England, United Kingdom

Hey there people!
Thanks for checking this out.

Here are some details for you :)
I am a 27 year young male living south of London.
Currently undertaking my post graduate i find time to exercise and focus on entrepreneurial ventures such as this and another company called North Side Star Developments which is catered towards the artistic expressions of myself and friends of people that i meet long the road who would like support or non-institutional representation.

The point of application for this fundraising mission, that being permanent passion, was actually conceived before I established NSSD.
However it took back burner for a while so I could focus on other things. This is a testament to the connotation attached to the company name.
"Permanent Passion"

The intention of such is to be a supportive and a motivational statement to all types of creative people, in that those that find their expression struggling or like they have got to much going on.
I want to reach into peoples lives and say: "You can do this. You have got what it takes. There is a way."
I think every body has something special to offer, every person has a unique expression to project. Sometimes however things in life can drag us a bit and this can have the consequence of hindering the the beautiful developments from being successfully completed.
I want to help with this. I want to remind people that they have a beautiful shining light inside of them and that this light is an abundant source energy, power, strength and inspiration. I want to help people form connections and achieve their goals with way of creative pursuits.

The reality of Permanent Passion is a functional and inviting website that serves to efficiently support, connect and be a commitment to the following aspects;
1) An easy place for practise rooms and professional studios to be listed by way of an interactive map.
2) To be a place for the independent and the institutional to showcase their products and performances, skills and levels of expertise, this is for the teacher the trainer and they that want their light to be seen, brought or hired.
3) A place for official fairs, festivals, concert’s, pub nights, clubs nights and events to advertise and for them to put out notices for people to come and perform or to get involved.
4) This is also a market place for people to sell their work or buy other people’s creations.
5) This is also about bringing people together, for the fusions of inclusive creativity.

The plan was to have a violet flower on a white background for the welcoming page and you move the cursor over one of the five petals select one of the points stated above:
Either a search screen for studios; with relation to what art form you seek to practise and price;
A personal page where you have a self description and can highlight your work;
A localised map where organisers can upload details of events for you to apply to;
A clear, clean and transparent marketplace that as you may have guessed is for everybody to achieve and develop;
Or to a categorical chat room that enables people to talk about their creative interests with each other.

Secondary to this is a fifth point which is represented by the central point of the flower. This takes you to the branded merchandise of permanent passion along with motivational messages, tips and tricks, for getting to your goals!

The design:
With in mind the flower as mentioned, the plan was to continue the floral style all the way through so to be done in a fashion that is a balance of feminine and masculine energy. A clean violet or magenta colour is what i envisage for it though with construction things may be altered a little bit. :)

The plan was to charge £1.00 for listings with renewal of studios every three month. the sale of work can be listed with unlimited contract but there will be a pound charge taken from the sale.
This is simply to maintain a cash flow to pay for the hosting costs and maintenance.

If you would like to know anything more then please feel confident in reaching out and getting to me.

P.s. For the time being i have used the twitter handle and the insta account for my other business. When things with this pick up a bit more i will create the specific accounts :)

Love, light and hope.
Peace out
~ Dominic ~

Let's make 'Permanent Passion' happen

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