Permaculture education and health spa

by Daniel in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Permaculture education and health spa


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To teach natural living. To learn. a health spa with yoga sauna and gym to mentally and physically be healthy. Organic food cafe.

by Daniel in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

My vision is to start initially a family run environmental school.

To learn to live with nature.

To teach children, adults. anyone who wants to learn. Also to learn myself. You can never stop learning.

I'd like to run classes in permaculture, 

Natural building,

Earth ships,

Round wood timber framing,

Wildlife walks,



Talks and walks around the land to show what can be done to help the environment and make your own life easier.

Being resourceful.

Also a mind and body health spar.

I believe to be in a position to really make a difference you must strengthen yourself mentally.

Life has many knock backs.

I want to teach people to get back up and follow your heart.

The health spa will have classes such as,

Meditation, yoga, Tai chi, life coaching/counselling, natural materials gym, sauna/steam room, massages.

It's important to relax.

Also I'd like to do residential learners.

So you can stay for a month and join in on all lessons and health spa.

I'd ideally like to have residential couches on site. Who would live for free and earn a percentage from the money made from people who come to the village to learn.

I'd like to make it affordable for most people so days, months can be booked or just a lesson.

I also want to run an organic shop and cafe also.

Arts and crafts, music will be involved .

Homemade wooden toys.

Board games.

I plan to have a shop people can bring there homemade toys and sculptures and sell them for a percentage of the asking price.

A way to bring a little freelance and spread out the community.

As money is earned I hope to buy more land and spread the education and cheaper accommodation for people who want to live this life.

I have many ideas and realise all of this is not going to happen overnight. I'm starting small a stall at a farmer's market.

But I'm never going to reach an amount that I can buy land with planning permission without help.

Thank you for reading.

I want to help people and the world become better.

Permaculture is a good thing to push. No waste.

Let's make 'Permaculture education and health spa' happen