Performing Arts Groups - Involve your children

Performing Arts Groups - Involve your children

We are raising funds so that we can afford the advertising space to promote the performing arts throughout the UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Be a part of the community - help us by supporting our mission to get more young children involved in the Performing Arts Community

Reap the benefits

There are countless groups throughout the UK that represents the performing arts community, groups that teach and perform one or more activities such as dancing, singing, acting, drama, and much more.

By promoting the performing arts, and reaching the wider UK population, we are hoping to inspire the younger generations to put down their technology and go join their local group where they can benefit from increased confidence, improved physical and mental health, teamwork, improved problem solving skills, and much more.

We have a website - - where we have already begun promoting the arts anc connecting with related groups - and we also have social media accounts to help.

But what we now require is help with hiring content writers who can help us write the content that will reach people. Not only that, we will be able to go further with social media advertising that will help us reach the online community as well.

You can help us reach the wider UK population and encourage more people to join in

With your help, this dream will become a reality.

Help us get the younger generations away from their technology for a few hours a week, and enjoy the fun of working together with other people to put on the performance of a lifetime.