Performing Arts School Fees Fund 2019-2020

by Samantha Swinglehurst in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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To pay for Performing Arts school fee’s and uniform, after a change in my circumstances, since the school application and scholarship

by Samantha Swinglehurst in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

My Daughter

My daughter has been singing since before she could talk. She sings from the minute she wakes up, to the minute she sleeps. When she isn’t singing she’s listening to music, or playing piano, she is creating music with her iPad. 

This is her career choice, her will and determination that pushes her on. She has passed tough auditions, and entrance exams to a local school, which has offered her a performing arts scholarship (and bursary due to my financial position) amounting to 50% of the school fees. There’s also the uniform, school trips and clubs to pay for. 

It is her dream to want to be a singer, and a famous one, luck being on her side. However, as we adults know, luck is as much as about who you know, not what you know, or even how much talent you may have. 

I believe that the people she will go to school with, and the opportunities she will be given at this school, will be the best chance I can give her to set her on a path towards her goal.

Money Raised 

Any money raised will enable me to pay the school fees where she has been given a 50% scholarship. Also it will help to pay for the £800 school uniform. Throughout the year there are additional activities to pay for, in my daughters case, additional singing lessons, and sitting external music grade exams. 

Without financial help, my child will not be able to go to this school. Her father had promised to pay the fees, but since our separation has now changed his mind at the last minute. All the local schools near to us, are either in special measures, huge 150 kids per year group, and have no specialisms for the arts, or too far away.

This school has great facilities, and pupil ratio. It is where she can shine, and become her best self. It is also where she is currently expecting to start school on 5th Sept 2019, where her place is waiting for her. 

She has told me her dream is to feel confident enough to sing, and perform somewhere like Britain’s Got Talent, or the equivalent by the time she is ready to take part.

Any money you contribute will be helping towards making her one of the uk’s next stars, she hopes. 

Change In Circumstance

I was in a totally different circumstance when I first was told about this school by the local education authority. I was told it would likely be the best option available to me, if my child is gifted as I had told them. If indeed she was gifted, I was told, scholarships are available. 

She did receive a scholarship which has achieved 50% off the school fees. But that still leaves 50% to pay. 

Up until two days ago her father had been willing to pay these fees, now less than a month before term, he has withdrawn his financial support. He and I have recently separated, and I have been dubious about his promise to pay, but I didn’t think he would let her down at this late stage. 

Currently, I haven’t told her, that without his support she cannot go to this school, as it will break her heart. I am appealing you, as a member of the public, to recognise her talent, and her will to want to succeed in this world, and to help give her a chance. This is my last shot at finding a way forward. I pray that this will bear fruit, if she is to succeed. I believe where there is a will there is a way.

Since she is supposed to start the school at the beginning of September 2019 in about 3 weeks, I am hoping for a miracle. I pray that you will see her face, and hear her sing, and be moved to support her in her life’s journey. 


In case you are wondering why I cannot support this financially myself, I thought I would say something about me. I don’t really want to talk about myself, suffice to say I had a life changing accident in my Uni days, breaking my spine, elbow, and sustaining a brain injury, which makes life challenging still. My daughter has always been there to support me. I would like to think that somehow I can enable her to have the best chance to make her dreams come true.

I have, despite my injuries, tried my best to work, had a career, given it up see below. Having had a child and now being in my 50’s, I’m finding life with my child and a brain injury, too much to cope with to work as well, much as I may want to. 

Additional Information 

I had my house repossessed in the financial crash of 2007 / 2008. That house was how I’d invested the inheritance from my Fathers death in 2003. I stopped living in that house, because I went to look after my paternal grandmother, who became progressively ill after the shock of the death of her only son. My Grandmothers neighbour contacted me to tell me my Nana needed help. My Nana didn’t want me to know how bad she was, so despite my daily phone calls with her, I was shocked to see the state of her when I went to visit her. I subsequently moved in with her, to look after her, in what turned out to be her last year of life. The tenants I had living in my house didn’t pay their rent properly, plus me giving up my career, which led to the eventual repossession.

Video Showcase

I’m in the process of trying to make a compilation video from the last year, of lots of her different creative endeavours, to showcase her talents. Bare with me on that.. I’m learning how to use iMovie in order to do that!

Going Live With Appeal As Soon As Possible 

However, I want this to ‘go live’ as soon as possible to allow the best chance for raising the first term fee of £700, plus £800 for the uniform. If I can raise £1,500 to get her to start the school, I will feel reassured that this may work as a funding option at least for this academic year 2019-2020, while I apply to find if there are any companies that will sponsor her. 

If you have a company and want to sponsor her, as charitable giving, it is tax deductible as I am sure you are aware. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything further you think I can do, or if you know of any sponsorship available.

Thank you so much for reading this heart felt plea, to help my daughter.

After everything we have been through this last year, it would be nice to know that her dream of being a singer is much closer than it is without funding from yourselves.

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