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Performance Philosophy is raising funds for translation, access, and publication of our international interdisciplinary journal!

by Performance Philosophy in United Kingdom


Performance Philosophy is an international constellation of researchers, practitioners, scholars and activists interested in the investigation of new forms and formats of thinking, philosophizing, performing and doing, in and beyond the academic, aesthetic and artistic sphere. The network is open to all researchers and practitioners concerned with how the relationships between performance and philosophy inform each other and intertwine. Founded in 2012, the online community now includes almost 3000 members. The organisation’s core activities include: an international book series - which has published nearly 20 titles so far - as well as an Open Access journal, and a biennial international conference-festival.


With no membership fee and active experimentation in collective and horizontal models of organisation, Performance Philosophy aims to be financially inclusive and non-hierarchical. Performance Philosophy is not a profit-making organization, and unlike many academic networks, anyone is welcome to become a member of Performance Philosophy, regardless of their financial means.

We aim to continue this financial openness and maintain our relative independence from institutions, but this means that we now require support in the form of donations - particularly in order to maintain the upkeep of our Performance Philosophy journal, which is now in its fourth year. Until now, the journal has been able to sustain itself through a series of one-off donations from partner Universities; however, we cannot rely on this ad hoc income long term. The aim of this funding campaign is to provide us with a further period of short term support whilst we research a financial model that will be more sustainable yet without sacrificing our commitment to accessibility. 

This double blind peer-reviewed journal receives hundreds of contributions from scholars and practitioners for each volume, and its Open Access platform allows it to be widely read and cited both by members of the Performance Philosophy network and by other interested thinkers, artists, and performers outside of academic circles. We publish not only standard-format articles, but also experimental formats including video, audio, spatially-arranged text, collectively authored performative projects, and we are always open to new forms of knowledge production and critical thinking.


We are currently fundraising to cover the costs of running our journal and hosting our online network. Our goal is to raise £5000, which will support us for one year of producing the journal and and help us increase the readership by translating key articles into languages other than English. 

The costs for which we are raising money include:

Publishing Costs (around £2000)

  • Membership of CrossRef: £250/year

Ensures that the articles are indexed and catalogued with a unique DOI number

  • Proofing and layout costs: £750/issue
  • Domain and hosting: £100/year

This includes the cost of hosting both the journal and the online network.

Translation Fund (around £2000)

We are committed to increasing academic dialogue and conversation outside of the English language, and aim to raise money to support translation activities. Thus far, we have published a bilingual issue in English and German and are looking ahead to the possibility of future issues in Spanish and Portuguese, incorporating scholars in our network from South and Latin America. At the moment, we are hoping to raise £2000 to support translation efforts for the journal, with the aim of translating a few key articles based on interest and support. Given standard academic translating rates of £25/page, this will allow us to translate two key articles of 20 pages each.

Accessibility Fund (around £1000)

We are committed to fostering alternative models of thinking and doing that challenge exclusionary thought, and to expanding the accessibility of both the journal and our in-person events. This money will go towards hiring accessibility consultants who will assist us in making sure that our journal and gatherings are as inclusive as possible.


Any other money that we raise will go to support the other costs of running Performance Philosophy, which include hosting and managing our website and online community, supporting grants for independent scholars and artists, and offering seed funding for projects around the globe on topics relating to performance philosophy. These outputs might include:

Other support for our members and writers (around £2000/year)

We aim to provide small grants for our authors to support the costs of obtaining permissions for the use of images and other content in their written work, which are especially valuable for independent scholars and artists who publish their work in our journal.

Seed Funding (around £2500/year)

In 2016, we were able to grant seed funding to five groups around the world organising events in line with the spirit of Performance Philosophy. This funding supported wide-ranging events in Slovenia, Belgium, and Trinidad and Tobago.

YOU TELL US!  We are interested to hear from network members about how they would like to see performance philosophy develop as a network, and what they think could be accomplished together with a little extra financial support!


Get involved!  Anyone with an interest in Performance Philosophy is welcome to join our online community, a space for sharing events and ideas, and making connections with other interested scholars and practitioners. 

You can also attend our biennial conferences and interim events, hosted around the world.  Look out for the next biennial conference, to be held in Helsinki in summer 2021!

Let us know which articles from the journal you’d like translated!  

Please get in touch with us if you would like to offer any other support or assistance in kind!  


Please send us an email at!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Embodied Philosophy in Dance (HARDCOVER)

FROM THE PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY BOOK SERIES: Embodied Philosophy in Dance by Einav Katan deciphers forms of meaning in dance as a medium for perception and realization within the body, and provides unmatched novel research on Ohad Naharin and Gaga, one of contemporary dance's most original movements. NORMALLY £90!

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If every person subscribed to our vibrant online network at donated £3, we would reach our goal immediately!

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Actors and the Art of Performance (HARDCOPY)

FROM THE PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY BOOK SERIES: Your very own copy of Susanne Granzer's Actors and the Art of Performance: Under Exposure, a trans-disciplinary dialogue between the art of acting and the art of philosophical thinking that combines the author's biographical paths in both theatre and philosophy. NORMALLY £25.

£25 or more

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Theatres of Immanence (SOFTCOVER)

FROM THE PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY BOOK SERIES: Your very own copy of Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca's Theatres of Immanence: Deleuze and the Ethics of Performance, the first monograph to provide an in-depth study of the implications of Deleuze's philosophy for theatre and performance, in which "complex Deleuzian concepts are injected with dramatic life and manipulated with great ease and originality." (Liza Kharoubi, Avignon University) NORMALLY £44

£30 or more

Sponsors Page on

We are so grateful for your support! We'll acknowledge you by listing your name on our website on a dedicated Sponsors page.

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Editing from Will Daddario (Article/Book Chapter)

If you choose this reward, Will Daddario with read and give expert feedback on a draft of a journal article or book chapter! Will is co-editor of the Performance Philosophy Journal and the PP book series, as well as a founding member of the PP organization. His recent monograph is Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy and currently examines the poetry, theatre, and philosophy of the African-American thinker Jay Wright.

£45 or more

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A Philosophical Autofiction (HARDCOPY)

FROM THE PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY BOOK SERIES: Your very own copy of Spencer Golub's A Philosophical Autofiction, a highly original combination of close readings and performative autobiography. NORMALLY £60!

£45 or more

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Adorno and Performance (HARDCOPY)

FROM THE PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY BOOK SERIES: Your very own copy of Adorno and Performance, the first comprehensive examination of the vital role of performance within the philosophy of Theodor Adorno. "Adorno and Performance offers a wealth of perspectives on how Adorno's work can inform and be informed by reflection on performance, as something central both to the arts...and to social and political life more generally." - Prof Andrew Bowie

£50 or more

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Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy (HARDCOPY)

FROM THE PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY BOOK SERIES: Your very own copy of Will Daddario's Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy. This book theorizes the baroque as neither a time period nor an artistic style but as a collection of bodily practices developed from clashes between governmental discipline and artistic excess. NORMALLY £90!

£75 or more

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Participation in Entering into Virtual Realities

ENTERING INTO VIRTUAL REALITIES uses 360° Camera and multiple VR-Headsets in order to – literally and metaphorically – step into each other’s standpoints. Part of a research collaboration which integrates dance, philosophical inquiry and VR technology led by dr. Einav Katan Schmid and dr. Christian Stein from Location: DOCK11 Berlin Dates: April 27-28 (or May 4-5) Value: 165 Euro!!! More information at

£75 or more

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Realism Materialism Art [softcover]

Your own copy of now OUT OF PRINT Realism Materialism Art (RMA). RMA introduces a diverse selection of new realist and materialist philosophies and examines their ramifications on the arts. Contributors include Boris Groys, Reza Negarestani, McKenzie Wark, and Performance Philosophy core convener John Ó Maoilearca in conversation with François Laruelle!

£1,000 or more

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Sponsor a full issue of the journal

A donation of £1000 will cover the costs of a full journal issue! For any donation of this size, we will feature your name as an official sponsor of one of our upcoming issues.

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