Percy's World Tour: 25,000 Miles = 25,000 Smiles!

Meet Percy. Percy is an 18 year old Citroën C15 Romahome / Campervan. Percy has hopes and dreams of travelling the entire world!!!

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Meet Percy. 

Percy is a recently adopted 18 year old Citroën Romahome / Campervan. 

Percy currently resides in a sleepy Somerset village in the South West of England. 

Percy is a happy-go-lucky scamp with a bucket load of character (and a small patch of rust). 

Percy has lead a fairly mundane life as of recently. He pootles along a dreary 4 mile commute to a local leisure centre for work purposes,  5 days a week. Percy usually spends his weekends making short trips to the countryside and coast. This is Percy's only highlight in life.

Percy is destined for better things...

Percy has a passion for adventure.  Percy has hopes and dreams of travelling the length and breadth of the entire world! Percy wants to go everywhere and Percy wants to see everything! 

Percy has made some rough calculations and vague uneducated guess work. Percy knows that the planet Earth's circumference is 24,901 miles. Percy knows with the right international permits and paperwork he will be able to embark on an epic adventure of a lifetime.

Percy is a frugal little Frenchman, capable of travelling 1 mile at the approximate cost of 10 British Decimal Pence sterling (in line with current UK fuel prices - December 2017).

Percy needs your support... 

For every 10 pence that you kindly donate this will help to contribute to Percy going an extra mile. Percy is an ambitious wee rascal and has set himself the goal of covering 25,000 miles!!

Percy wants to share his experiences and travels on his international tour with you. Percy wants to give you regular updates on his progress. Percy wants to upload e-postcards of his latest location.

Percy really appreciates your time for reading this article and is happy to of had your attention.

25,000 Miles = 25,000 Smiles ☺